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CVS to SQL Commit Log Converter

In order to keep track of changes to the libwww CVS source tree, we use this handy tool which can be used in connection with CVS so that commitlog information is stored in a MySQL database. The advantage of this is that the SQL database can be searched using a variety of queries that makes it much easier to keep track of changes.

The tool is completely generic so that it can be used with any CVS repository - as long as you have a MySQL server around somewhere!

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The Basics

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
An example application for libwww and a tool for keeping it up-to-date
New releases follow the releases of libwww with no exception.
It requires libwww to be compiled with support for MySQL access. Of course, it needs a MySQL server and a CVS Repository in order to be of any use.
Getting the Source Code
cvs2sql comes as an integral part of the libwww distribution package.
Discussions on libwww and its sample applications take place on <www-lib@w3.org> (archives). See the documentation for how to subscribe.

How to Setup cvs2sql

Command Line Options

Making the SQL Database Available via the Web

We have a web-enabled interface to a MySQL database based on www-sql. The www-sql files (*.sql) are also part of the libwww source tree, so you get them when you check it out.

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
@(#) $Id: Overview.html,v 1.2 1998/08/11 13:33:23 frystyk Exp $