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Since March 2012, Work related to ITS continues in the MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group. Additional community discussions are gathered in the ITS Interest Group.

This page is left here as a historical document, and is not maintained.

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About ITS

The Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Working Group is part of the W3C Internationalization Activity.

Mission: Develop a set of elements and attributes that can be used with new DTDs/Schemas to support the internationalization and localization of documents; and provide best practice techniques for developers of DTDs/Schemas that show how to enable internationalization of their documents. For more details, see the Working Group Charter.

On February 13 2008, the Working Group has published the Best Practices for XML Internationalization Working Group Note!.

With this publication, the deliverables of the Working Group have been completed and published, and no further work remains to be done, except errata handling for the ITS 1.0 Recommendation. The planned Internationalization Tag Set Interest Group will start soon as a forum to foster a community of users of the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS), by promoting its adoption, and gathering information on its further development.

For a list of articles and implementations see the Links page.



Every Wednesday at the following time, for about one hour:

  • UTC/GMT: 14:00
  • Seattle (PDT, GMT-7): 7:00
  • Boulder, Denver (MDT, GMT-6): 8:00
  • Rabat (GMT: 14:00)
  • Dublin, London (GMT+0): 15:00
  • Grenoble, Waldorf (CST, GMT+1): 16:00
  • Noida, Kolkata (IST, GMT+5:30): 19:30
  • Tokyo (JST, GMT+9): 23:00

Past teleconferences

Past face-to-face meetings

Mailing lists


  • Purpose: Discussion by WG members of work on WG deliverables. Note: This list should NOT be used for any questions or discussions of a general nature - the www-international list is for that purpose.
  • Access rights: Public access to archive. Write access only for work group participants and W3C members.
  • To subscribe: Become a member of the ITS WG.
  • Archives: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-i18n-its/ (public access).



  • Purpose: Internationalization Interest Group mailing list. The WG uses this list to announce the publication of deliverables, to solicit reviews of deliverables prior to release, and for discussion of general topics or solicitation of feedback related to its work.
  • Access rights: Public read and write access.
  • To subscribe: send a mail to www-international-request@w3.org with subscribe as the subject.
  • Archives: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-international/ (public access).

ITS Documents


Issues Tracking via Bugzilla -- [Bugzilla List]

Work items in the Wiki -- The author is between parenthesis, the items are ordered by status. See also: How to edit the wiki pages and the Wiki Process page:

Background Material

How to join

To become a member of the working group follow the joining instructions. Working group members are responsible for the development of the group's deliverables, so some minimum commitment is required.

If you are unable to make the required commitment to join the working group, you can still follow the work by accessing the Internationalization Web site, the public mail archive, and all public ITS documents.

You are also encouraged to join the mailing list of the Internationalization Interest Group.

Current participants (member only)

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