1. RELAX NG schema for ITS rules documents
  2. RELAX NG (compact) schema for ITS rules documents
  3. W3C schema for ITS rules documents
  4. Example rules document

ITS implementation in XSL
  1. its2xsl.xsl: creating XSL script from ITS document; with associated
    1. test1.xsl: script from test1
    2. test2.xsl: script from test2
    3. test3.xsl: script from test3
    4. verbatim.xsl: support file
    5. its.css: CSS file for HTML from running tests
    6. test1.html: result of running script
    7. test2.html: result of running script
    8. test3.html: result of running script

Text Encoding Initiative

  1. tei-its.odd: specification for TEI and ITS combined with ITS, and resulting schema files:
    1. tei-its.rnc
    2. tei-its.rng
    3. tei-its.xsd
    4. tei-its.dtd
  2. test1.xml: small test file; screen dump using test1.png: Emacs and test2.png: oXygen
  3. test2.xml:complex test file; test3.xml: ODD file;