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This page is a summary of SVG2 Requirements Input and SVG2 Resolutions listing only the accepted requirements. Its purpose is to gather in a more readable form the commitments from people to work on some requirements and the proposals associated with these requirements.

Additional modules are part of the SVG 2 specification but are worked on separately:

Some requirements are not part of SVG 2 but are worked on separately:

✓ indicates that at least a place holder has been added to the SVG2 specification draft.

indicates that substantial wording has been added to the SVG2 specification draft.

Requirement. SVG 2 should Needs a proposal Commitment Link to proposal
[1] Add a section to the Requirements document about general approaches including avoiding backwards compatible changes No Cameron ACTION-3411 dropped
[2] Keep accessibility in mind when designing new features, and improve existing features where we can No nothing to do
[3] Support the z-index Yes ✓Tab ACTION-3002
[4] Ensure there is a way to avoid getting seams on adjacent edges of rendered elements Yes deferred
[5] Support flattening vector graphics to image Yes
[6] Clean up the namespace requirements Maybe Cyril ACTION-3412, Dirk
[7] Clean up the use element section (in terms of Shadow DOM). Maybe Cyril ACTION-3413
[8] Clean up the shadow tree section Maybe Cyril ACTION-3413, Dirk
[9] Clean up the marker section Yes Cameron ACTION-3286 Proposal 1, Proposal 2
[10] Improve the DOM Yes ✓Cameron
[11] Expose animateMotion values in the SVG DOM Yes resolve in Web Animations
[12] Make the SVG*List interfaces a bit more like other lists/arrays Yes Cameron ACTION-2975
[13] Make it easier to read and write to attributes in the SVG DOM Yes Cameron ACTION-3414
[14] Improve the SVG path DOM APIs Yes ✓ Rik ACTION-3425 ACTION-3426 ACTION-3427 ACTION-3428, Brian ACTION-3429
[15] Ensure improved property value access to SVG properties No resolve in CSSOM
[16] Improve bounding box method APIs Yes Cameron
[17] Have a method for <image> to select a part of an image to display, maybe by allowing viewBox on it Yes
[18] Allow auto-sized images Yes Cameron ACTION-3415
[19] Support level of detail control Yes Will be handled by zoom media queries; being investigated by Ted
[20] Be able to display InkML trace groups by some means such as buffered-rendering and variable stroke width, not necessarily varying anything (WHAT SECTION DOES THIS GO UNDER?) Probably not Brian ACTION-3504
[21] Allow transform on the <svg> element Probably not ✓Dirk ACTION-3416
[22] Support a mechanism like or the same as allowReorder from SMIL3 Yes Doug deferred
[23] Relax referencing requirements to particular elements to allow dropping fragments to mean referencing root element, where it makes sense, such as with use Yes Cameron ACTION-3417
[24] Normatively reference the SVG Parameters spec Probably not Doug deferred
[25] Add data-* attributes to align with HTML5 Probably not Cameron ACTION-3418
[26] Align with HTML5 global semantic attributes where these make sense for SVG Probably not Cameron ACTION-3419
[27] Make property values case insensitive Probably not ✓Cameron ACTION-3276
[28] Add color management subject to deciding the exact conformance classes required Probably not Chris From SVG 2 Color Management
[29] Include non-scaling stroke Probably not ✓Erik ACTION-3420
[30] Include non-scaling features (non-scaling part of the object, and non-scaling entire object) Yes Chris deferred
[31] Include a way to specify stroke-position Yes ✓Cameron deferred
[32] Specify more precisely stroke dashing Yes Cameron
[33] Allow more author control over positions of dashes Yes Cameron ACTION-3421
[34] Support hatching without the artefacts that patterns currently impose Yes ✓Tav
[35] Support custom filters Probably not nothing to do
[36] Align the style element with the HTML 5 style element Probably not ✓Cameron ACTION-3277
[37] Include better bounding-box querying functions Yes duplicate
[38] Ensure there is a way to specify rotations around particular points and shapes Yes Dirk resolve in CSS Transforms
[39] Support shared path segments Yes Cyril ACTION-3422
[40] Include the smooth path between points functionality (Catmull-Rom) Yes ✓Doug ACTION-3085
[41] Make it simpler to construct regular polygons and stars Yes Doug and Tav ACTION-3368
[42] Make arcs in paths easier Yes ✓Rik may be deferred
[43] Allow objects to be positioned along a path Yes nothing to do

[44] Require automatic text wrapping in arbitrary shapes compatible with CSS Yes ✓Tav deferred unless proposal supplied

[45] Support glyphs being aligned to different baselines, perhaps by using existing or improved CSS properties Yes ✓Cameron ACTION-3430

[46] Clarify the stretch method for textpath Yes ✓Cameron deferred

[47] Have a way to specify flip-invariant text Yes ✓Doug

[48] Deprecate the use of xml:space to affect layout and will use the CSS white-space property Probably not Chris ACTION-3004, Chris ACTION-3005
[49] Allow transforms on tspan Probably not ✓Cameron ACTION-3570
[50] Support Coons patches Yes Tav
[51] Have a video element in SVG namespace with the same characteristics as the HTML 5 video element Probably not Satoru
[52] Have stronger requirements for when to display tooltips Yes Doug pending Doug/Rich discussion
[53] Support pointer events sensitive to alpha, subject to security constraints Yes deferred
[54] Support HTML document wide events (including hashchange) apply to SVG documents when they make sense Yes ✓Cameron ACTION-3278
[55] (may) Support drag&drop functionality Yes ✓Erik anything more than global event handlers needed? Proposal
[56] Make it easier to detect if an mouse event is on the stroke or fill of an element Yes Cameron ACTION-3279 Proposal
[57] Allow async/defer on the script element Probably not ✓Cameron ACTION-3280
[58] Support for non-negative speed on time containers (if we decide to include time containers) Yes ✓Brian resolve in Web Animations

[59] Support path-based animations of pairs of attributes Yes ✓Brian resolve in Web Animations pending solid use cases
[60] Define all explicitly undefined parts of the SVG 1.1 spec (wrt to to-animations) Yes ✓Brian resolve in Web Animations SVG integration spec
[61] Allow CSS-transitions-like animations Yes deferred to future version of Web Animations pending details
[62] Allow linear interpolation for properties which were previously discrete Yes Chris ACTION-3209 → move to Brian, resolve in Web Animations
[63] Support animation using a transform-list Yes ✓Brian resolve in Web Animations
[64] Support motion animation of a specified speed Yes ✓Brian deferred to future version of Web Animations
[65] Have unknown elements treated as <g> for the purpose of rendering Probably not
[66] Remove the requirement to have @width and @height on foreignObject Probably not Chris
[67] Improve the fallback mechanism using switch Yes
[68] Provide a way to control audio level and playback Probably not
[69] Provide positioning information in MouseEvents Yes Cameron ACTION-3450
[70] Support CSS3 Color syntax No Chris
[71] Support CSS3 image-fit No ✓Cameron now object-fit

[72] Make it easier to write a zoom/pan widget, possibly by adding convenience method to get scale/transfer Yes
[73] Align with CSS Value and Units No Cameron
[74] Deprecate baseline-shift and use vertical-align No ✓Cameron ACTION-3281
[75] Allow video elements to have captions, tracks, etc Yes Satoru
[76] Allow clip-path to reference any element No handled in CSS Masking

[77] Promote some attributes to properties Yes Microsoft Microsoft proposal

[78] Have an advance font metrics interface Yes

[79] Clarify that svgz should be as usable everywhere svg files can Probably not
[80] Have a DOM method to convert a <text> element to outline path data Yes ✓Cameron

[81] Have simpler interpolation between two paths Yes
[82] Explicitly support Web Open Font Format (WOFF) No Chris
[83] Add snapshot time for animated documents and may specify how to get at the rendered image No
[84] Adopt the requiredFonts attribute No

[85] Add the solidColor element and its properties No Tav In SVG2 draft.
[86] Follow what HTML does for RDFa and microdata No
[87] Add buffered-rendering No ✓Erik
[88] Have the vector-effect property Probably not ✓Erik
[89] Have the viewport-fill and viewport-fill-opacity for zoom – now should be background-color etc. Probably not Chris
[90] Have constrained transformations based on SVG 1.2 Tiny Yes
[91] Improve the bounding box text based on SVG Tiny 1.2 Yes ✓Dirk
[92] Include the improved text from SVG Tiny 1.2 on characters and glyphs, text layout, text selection, text search No ✓Chris ACTION-3236 → Tav
[93] Have the HTML content editable feature No will be handled in a separate spec about editing
[94] Have the transformBehavior feature in its spec or as part of the merged transform spec No
[95] Add the features of the SVG Tiny 1.2 animation element but not the element itself Yes Satoru iframe
[96] Have synchronization support from somewhere in the web platform No Brian handle in Web Animations
[97] Have a solution for specifying focusability and navigation order, and be consistent with HTML Yes
[98] Have a mechanism for controlling focus indication, consistent with CSS and HTML Yes
[99] Support an API to control focus consistent with HTML Yes
[100] Have support for key events from DOM Level 3 Events Probably not Doug
[101] Have the SVGRotate event from SVG Tiny 1.2 Probably not
[102] Support progress events using the HTML 5 method Probably not
[103] Adopt improved SVG Tiny 1.2 text on hit testing and event processing No
[104] Adopt the improved wording on Reference Restrictions No
[105] Adopt the improved wording on Processing External References No
[106] Adopt the text from SVG Tiny 1.2 on Indicating links No
[107] Merge the SVG 1.1 SE text and the SVG Tiny 1.2 text on fragment identifiers link traversal and add media fragments No
[108] Define how inline scriptable content will be processed, in compatible way to HTML5 Yes ✓Cameron ACTION-3282
[109] Merge SVG Tiny 1.2 improved text on the script element No ✓Cameron ACTION-3282

[110] Use the relevant parts from SVG Tiny 1.2 and align with the HTML script element No ✓Cameron ACTION-3282
[111] Apply the changes from SVG Tiny 1.2 Animations chapter No ✓Brian handle in Web Animations
[112] Support xlink:href on the foreignObject element after security verification Yes
[113] Use the MicroDOM as input into the DOM improvement designs Yes
[114] Have relaxed document error handling (with lacuna values etc.) as defined in Tiny 1.2 Probably not
[115] Add new paint values currentFillPaint, currentStrokePaint Yes ✓Chris ACTION-3094 → Cameron
[116] Clarify radial gradients with focal point on the circle Yes ✓Erik ACTION-3097 done by Dirk In SVG2 draft.
[117] Add an fr attribute to <radialGradient> Yes ✓Erik ACTION-3098 done by Dirk/Tav In SVG2 draft.
[118] Use CSS3 definitions for text layout (whitespacing, bidi, etc) that is not specific to SVG Probably not ✓Cameron ACTION-3122
[119] Use updated CSS3 specifications Yes Chris ACTION-3123 → Cameron
[120] Provide a way to get glyph path data via some API Yes ACTION-3124
[121] Move all events to Element, in accordance with the similar move in HTML No ✓Cameron ACTION-3080 declined by Hixie
[122] Add a path rotation command Yes Cameron ACTION-3125
[123] Introduce evt as an alias to event in event handlers No ✓Cameron ACTION-3093 → Erik
[124] Require object-fit and object-position No ✓Cameron ACTION-3001

[125] Add text-overflow No ✓Erik ACTION-3003 Proposal

[126] Mandate support for SVG Tiny fonts No Erik ACTION-3126, Chris ✓ ACTION-3127 dropped
[127] Mandate the support for external style sheets, style element and style attributes all with CSS syntax No Chris ACTION-3128
[128] Define how border and background apply to SVG Yes Doug ACTION-2856
[129] Define the outline property for use on SVG elements Yes Doug ACTION-2857
[130] Clarify how pointer-events can hit the root svg or not Yes Doug ACTION-2858
[131] Drop xlink prefix for href Probably not Chris ACTION-3118 Doug's Href Proposal
[132] Remove the restriction of tref pointing to only an SVG document fragment Probably not Cameron ACTION-3130
[133] Support the feature of SMIL time containers Yes
[134] Support animation triggers based on keyboard input, pending a proposal on security issues Yes
[135] Support a means for having SMIL animations start before their time container has fully loaded Yes Cyril; Brian to move to Web Animations
[136] have <discard> element to declaratively discard elements from the document tree Probably not Cyril ACTION-3319; Brian to move to Web Animations
[137] Support the playbackOrder attribute to inform UA to not display controls to seek backwards Probably not Cyril
[138] Allow masks to use either alpha or luminance or both Yes Chris ACTION-3256 handled in CSS Masking
[139] Support <canvas> element in SVG 2 Yes Dirk ACTION-3263; done by Satoru

[140] Relax restriction on masks pointing to mask element only Probably not Chris deferred to CSS Masking
[New] Control the order of painting and filling and markers Yes Cameron ACTION-3285 Cameron's proposal

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