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Proposal for adding the HTML5 dnd attributes to svg

HTML5 defines drag&drop[1] for all html elements, and since SVG can be part of HTML5 it seems natural that this should also work on svg elements, regardless of whether the svg elements are inline in an html5 document or not.

This is a proposal to address drag&drop in svg (resolution).

Proposed changes

  • List the drag&drop events[2] in the interactivity chapter (this implicitly adds the corresponding on*-attributes, due to ACTION-3080)
  • Add the 'draggable' attribute[3] to all svg elements
  • Add the 'dropzone' attribute[4] to all svg elements
  • Add links to the relevant sections in HTML5 for describing how dnd works, the DOM interfaces and so on
  • Selected text in svg should be draggable by default the same as selected text is in html
  • Add a few examples showing how this can be used in svg

Discussion needed

  • Can we go ahead with this proposal or do we want to invent another way of doing drag&drop?
  • How much of the HTML5 spec needs to be repeated in svg, and/or is it fine to reference the HTML5 spec normatively for this?
  • Which chapter should the main sections about dnd be put in? (Proposal: the interactivity chapter)