The <measure-style> element

Parent element: <attributes>

The <measure-style> element indicates a special way to print partial to multiple measures within a part. This includes multiple rests over several measures, repeats of beats, single, or multiple measures, and use of slash notation.

The <multiple-rest> and <measure-repeat> elements indicate the number of measures covered in the element content. The <beat-repeat> and <slash> elements can cover partial measures. All but the multiple-rest element use a type attribute to indicate starting and stopping the use of the style.


Exactly one of the following


Name Type Required? Description
color color No Indicates the color of an element.
font-family font-family No A comma-separated list of font names.
font-size font-size No One of the CSS sizes or a numeric point size.
font-style font-style No Normal or italic style.
font-weight font-weight No Normal or bold weight.
id ID No Specifies an ID that is unique to the entire document.
number staff-number No Allows a measure style to apply to only the specified staff in the part. If absent, the measure style applies to all staves in the part.


This element is used in the following examples:

<beat-repeat>, <except-voice>, <measure-repeat>, <multiple-rest>, <slash-type> and <slash-dot>, <slash>, Tutorial: Percussion