The <measure-repeat> element

Parent element: <measure-style>

The <measure-repeat> element is used for both single and multiple measure repeats. The text of the element indicates the number of measures to be repeated in a single pattern. The text of the element is ignored when the type is stop.

The stop type indicates the first measure where the repeats are no longer displayed. Both the start and the stop of the measures being repeated should be specified unless the repeats are displayed through the end of the part.

The <measure-repeat> element specifies a notation style for repetitions. The actual music being repeated needs to be repeated within each measure of the MusicXML file. This element specifies the notation that indicates the repeat.




Name Type Required? Description
type start-stop Yes Indicates the starting or stopping point of the section displaying the measure repeat symbols.
slashes positiveInteger No Specifies the number of slashes to use in the symbol. The value is 1 if not specified.


This element is used in the following examples:

<measure-repeat>, Tutorial: Percussion