The <slash> element

Parent element: <measure-style>

The <slash> element indicates that slash notation is to be used.

The stop type indicates the first beat where slash notation no longer displayed. Both the start and stop of the slash notation should be specified unless the slashes are displayed through the end of the part.


In this order (Optional)


Name Type Required? Description
type start-stop Yes Indicates the starting or stopping point of the section displaying slash notation.
use-dots yes-no No Indicates whether or not to use dots as well (for instance, with mixed rhythm patterns). The value is no if not specified. This attribute only has effect if use-stems is no.
use-stems yes-no No If the slash is on every beat, use-stems is no (the default). To indicate rhythms but not pitches, use-stems is set to yes.


This element is used in the following examples:

<except-voice>, <slash-type> and <slash-dot>, <slash>