Intro to W3C TPAC

Each year, the W3C, a non-profit organization where Web technologies like HTML and CSS get designed and standardized, organizes a week-long meeting of its entire community. This meeting, known as TPAC (Technical Plenary & Advisory Committee meeting), has one portion dedicated to an unconferenced organized as breakout sessions. Topics range from how to get started contributing to the W3C, privacy and security in HTML, web accessibility, Web XR, and other new technology standards on the web.

At this year’s virtual TPAC, there is even more opportunity for web developers to get involved, to learn how web standards are made and to contribute back. We are invested in bringing new and diverse voices into the W3C community. We feel this is necessary to ensure that the fullest range of users and perspectives are represented and encoded in our web standards. We particularly welcome individuals from communities that are underrepresented in tech in general, and W3C discussions in particular. No prior experience with W3C is needed, newbies are welcome. Register to attend virtual TPAC.

For those unfamiliar with how these breakouts work or who just want to ask questions in a friendly environment, W3C is holding a briefing call on Monday the 19th at 15:00 UTC (probably in your timezone - find out what time that is in your time zone). Details for the call below.


We invite you to attend a briefing call & Q&A introduction to W3C, TPAC and how Web developers and designers can use this as an opportunity to discover the W3C Community on Monday 19 October at 15:00 UTC (probably in your timezone - find out what time that is in your time zone) for one hour.

Zoom meeting ID: 925 3547 7349
Passcode: 2020

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Dominique Hazaël-Massieux of W3C, Sheila Moussavi of Bocoup and Dan Appelquist of Samsung Internet will give a short introduction of what W3C is and how its upcoming virtual “TPAC” unconference (week of October 26-30) offers an opportunity for developers and designers to discover the W3C Community, and will then open the floor to questions any of the participants may have on W3C and TPAC.

This conversation, as all W3C operations, operate under our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.



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