Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

17 Aug 2012


Review of current projects in progress included update of cautionary language in Training Suite (Sharron took an action to update based on comments), status of Training Suite materials themselves, and discussion of how to promote the training Suite once finalized (Jennifer took action item to review).

Further discussion of the Mobile pages update was tabled until Vicki returns from vacation. We did an action item check and shared information about other accessibility related topics and events

Shawn reminded everyone to update availability and action items


  1. Training Resource suite
  2. Promoting Accessibility in Courses & training resource suite - discuss recent additions, especially Audience & Message
  3. Mobile pages - reminder of actions
  4. Action item check
  5. Prep for next week:
  6. Reminders:


Sharron, Wayne, Shawn, Shadi, AndrewA, Jennifer, Ian, Emmanuelle
Sylvie, Vicki, Suzette, Denis


Training Resource Suite

<shawn> updated cautionary language http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Developing_Training_Notes#Presenters.27_Expertise

Shawn: Link to updated cautionary language.

Sharron: It seems a bit long to me now but trying to include all the comments.

Shawn: Where to put it?

Andrew: Near the bottom of the Overview page, with the how to make them accessible.

Shadi: Is the concern that people may not prepare or that if they do a presentation, they may not be able to answer questions.

Andrew: A bit of both,. The scenario was someone coming to hear a presentation, go back to their workplace and are deemed the "accidental expert."
... then they are asked to present and may be less than experienced or prepared.

Shadi: At the risk of being offensive, can't we say "You could do more harm than good if you give the wrong information."

Jennifer: That would be very discouraging.

Shadi: But many don't seem themselves as "accidental experts" and this could apply to anyone, considering how rapidly technology changes.
... could it not be applied to everyone and made more clear in that way?

Wayne: So for example, in the second paragraph, you might say "give structure to your PREPARATION"

Shawn: and some of the "use it freely" language is redundant.

<shawn> currently says: "Feel free to use this material as is or adapt it for your specific audience and goals, as long as you attribute it as described in the "Creative Commons License (CC)" section of Using WAI Material."

Sharron: I knew that it had been stated previously but unsure how to be encouraging before the cautionary note.

Shawn: Let's talk more about what we are trying to do for the next revision.

Sharron: If I understand what the comments are so far, there is a need to take out the repetitive language, broaden it to include everyone, not just the accidental expert.

Wayne: Yes, becasue everyone has some scope of knowledge.

<shadi> [[Raising awareness is one of the most important aspects to get web accessibility implemented. Anyone can help raise awareness and share their knowledge in web accessibility! However, it is crucial to be confident about any information you spread. [...]]

Shawn: Do we want to give an example of using a SlideShare presentation with old or outdated information?

Shadi: Rather than encouraging them to use the materials instead say encouraging things to the idea of raising awareness of web accessibility.

Jennifer: Including verification of accuracy of information in a changing technical field. Know your source.

Shadi: Yes, there are a number of ways to verify information.

Sharron: I'll take another crack at it.

<scribe> ACTION: Sharron to revise cautionary language [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/08/17-eo-minutes.html#action01]

<trackbot> Created ACTION-204 - Revise cautionary language [on Sharron Rush - due 2012-08-24].

<Wayne> The W3C is a primary resource for current standards on accessibility. The Training suite organizes W3C documents into a well organized study guide.

Wayne: I put a comment in IRC as suggested text


<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Developing_Training_Notes#UAAG.26ATAG_1.0-2.0_issue

Shawn: The issue is that we point to both versions in the materials. Developers should be using 2.0 but not able to yet use 2.0 in contract language.

<shawn> "ATAG 2.0 is a mature draft and we expect that it will not change significantly. We recommend that developers use the ATAG 2.0 draft, understanding that it might change.

Shawn: One caution is not to scare people off from using 2.0. Try to keep draft wording mild rather than scary.

Shadi: Not just a distinction between developers and others. Even developers need to understand that there will likely not be big conceptual changes, but that technques could change. Some organizations will simply not be able to implement this, given the policies they have.

Shawn: The message we want to give is (more tactfully) to let people know that the old ones are outdated. You really should be referencing the new ones with the understanding that changes may occur.
... "It is a mature draft and we do not expect it to change significantly"
... In most cases it is best to use 2.0 as long as you are aware that it could change.

Andrew: yeh, that's probably fine.

Wayne: Where will it be?

<AndrewA> [[ ATAG 2.0 is a mature draft and we expect that it will not change significantly. In most cases it is preferable use the ATAG 2.0 draft, however be aware it might change. ]]

Shawn: In the accessibility topics page.
... I recommend that we make the reference to developers broader.

Andrew: Posted to IRC a suggestion.

SUBTOPIC: Other Updates

Andrew: I posted suggestions to the list. I am still taking comments into consideration. These updates reflect previous week comments.

Shawn: Sharron's comments are mostly to be considered for future revision.

Sharron: Wayne's interest in making more explicit the invitation to academics?

Wayne: I went over it carefully and it is actually perfectly suited to how academics would use it. No modification to the Resource Suite itself is needed. Rather will depend on targeted outreach.

Shawn: We can then upload Andrew's changes and survey for approval.

Promoting Training Resource Suite(and Acessibility in Courses)

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Promoting_Accessibility_in_Courses#Audience_.26_Messages

Shawn: Thanks to Jennifer, Wayne, and Sharron for updates to wiki. Let's talk about Audiences and messaging first.
... take a minute to read and consider

Wayne: My plan this week is to add a bit to the academic audience.

Shawn: This is particularly the audience, not for the Resources themselves, but for our outreach effort.
... you have just two - General and Academic. Do we want to consider them more granualrly - teachers, instructors who will integrate into their classes, another is the "accidental expert," another might be people who already know about accessibility and looking for materials to expand offerings.

Andrew: Another might be the person who is on top of accessibility, but want to check in for updates and accuracy of informaiton.

Wayne: Professional trainers for institutions, like Knowbility.

Shawn: So rather than being so broad about general public, let's focus on who they are.

Wayne: They are professional trainers.

Shawn: ...AND the accidental expert.

<Sinarmaya_> For academic audience, maybe can be important a mention to regulations, like the european about the Access for All inclusion in the curricula.

Shawn: in the messaging, I wonder if we want to include some of the cautionary messaging even in the outreach.

Andrew: We may want to expand from the web and all its aspects, so that people get the message that it goes beyond programmers.

Jennifer: +1 to that. Designers and content providers and writers too.

Wayne: Instruction for any aspect of the web if it is to be of high quality, must include accessibility.
... one of the reasons this Suite is so usefulis how it breaks it down into useful packets or learning modules.
... that should be part of the message.

Andrew: Reads messaging intended for College Professors.

Shawn: This is useful, thanks Wayne.

Wayne: Most of this is laid out in a way that instructors would layout courses, so it is easily applied.

Shawn: Let the group know if you have any other questions

Sharron: We'd like group to consider other conferences and brainstorms for outreach.

Shawn: I've done an update on WAI Resoruces in the past and people who attended that would be very interested in this. The question is whether to provide it as a separate presentation or fold into a look at other stuff?

Jennifer: It could be boring.

Shawn: Could make it more interactive using BAD.
... like when we did training Best Practice exchange.
... So yes, to reiterate, every one is encouraged to add to these preliminary thoughts for outreach.
... and remember that we have an overall contact list that we will refer to as well

<shawn> overall contacts http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Contacts_for_promotion

Mobile Pages

Shawn: Since Vicki is leading on that and is out on vacation, just wanted to remind folks to update your ideas on mobile. Also, comment on how we comment on overlap within the Business pages.

<shawn> in the EOWG wiki page category: http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/Main_Page#Mobile_stuff

Shawn: Also really want to look at Business case and plug in the mobile updates.

Action item check

<shawn> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/track/actions/open?sort=owner

Shawn: Sharron has one.
... none others to talk about with people who are here today.

Sharron: Am I supposed to just post general info to get people to respond?

Shawn: No I think it is more related to Resource Training Suite. To create a page that allows people to share tips and tricks.

Andrew: I remember that as well.

Jennifer: Yes, I think that's right. I'll add to the wiki To-Do list.

Preliminary Evaluation pages

Shawn: Denis is going to take a pass at significantly rewriting what is there now. When he submits, please plan on review.
... we will also need to consider Audience and Goals. Anyone in the group can do that and it would be very helpful. Ian, any chance you could do that today?

Ian: I could take a few minutes now but heading to a meeting.

Shawn: Emmanuelle, you may want to do that too.

<Sinarmaya_> ok :)

<shawn> WCAG-EM Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology

Shawn: Shadi may have questions related to WCAG-EM

Shadi: We have been pulling together documents and now have a full draft and want to refine and be able to publish a preliminary draft in the next few weeks.
... It would be a good time to ask for EO review and comment and maybe can work on it at TPAC, get it aligned with other resources.

Shawn: Any peferences about meeting next week?
... reminder about updating availability, look at EO schedule within TPAC.

Open Sharing:

<shawn> http://www.knowbility.org/v/open-air/

<AndrewA> Sharron: excited about openAIR as going international - 2 Australia teams + one Canadian already

<AndrewA> ... still looking for participants

<AndrewA> ... Rich Schwerdfeger (2012 Chair) promoted in Australia on recent travels

<AndrewA> ... lots of verbal commitment but still need the teams to sign up

<Wayne> I looked at one of the wiki pages and enlarge it to 200% ctl-+ 5 times, it works well in Opera.

Sharron: Will be at Southwest Conference on Disability in October in Albuquerque. Please let me know if there are materials to distribute.

Shawn: Thanks everyone, have a good week, check action items and group work

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Sharron to revise cautionary language [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2012/08/17-eo-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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