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Template for draft item

[heading] Defines what is being checked

EOWG notes - importance: high/medium/low; 5min?: some/yes/no/.is this appropriate for the short list at the top?).

One or two sentences on what this is and why it is important — ideally wording directly from the Accessibility Requirements page or Understanding WCAG 2.0.

What to do

  1. steps to check the item

What to look for

  • What *should* happen.
  • What are common failures occur when ... list or narrative, as appropriate


[can be internal notes for now or maybe will be included in final doc]

  • ...


Open Issues

  • [closed] Do we explicitly link to success criteria?
    Decision: We link to more info in Accessibility Requirements, Understanding, or other that gives the SC and level.
  • [closed] Do we say anything about Level A, AA, AAA?
    Decision: Yes, include with link

[Draft] Criteria for 5 steps:

  • Doesn't require any tool download or a specific browser.
  • ...


Check the Following:

  • Text descriptions for images
  • Headings and other semantic structure
  • Keyboard access and visual focus
  • Page title
  • Link text
  • Text enlargement
  • Color contrast
  • Color coding
  • Content order
  • Visual focus
  • Time Based Media
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Flickering, flashing, blinking
  • Time-dependent responses
  • Valid HTML & CSS
  • Usability without CSS