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Teleconferences are generally held every Thursday at 10:00 Boston time (less frequently in July and August and over holidays).

Connection info

  • Time: 0700 Seattle / 1000 New York / 1500 London / 1600 Paris / 2200 Kuala Lumpur / 2300 Tokyo / 2400 Sydney
  • Dial-in: Boston: +1-617-761-6200, Nice: + , Bristol: +44.203.318.0479
  • Call code: 55394# ("LLDXG")
  • IRC:

Running agenda

Scribe duties

Past telecons

  • 2011-08-25 final telecon: report acknowledgement, handing wiki pages for deliverables over to copy editors for final HTML version Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-08-18 closing comments, adjustments on report Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-07-21: Report sections review Minutes
  • 2011-07-07: Report and mentions of RDF, going through comments on various sections Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-06-30: blog and call for comments, Community groups, short report from ALA Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-05-26: Report review: technical organization. Internal reviews on Vocabularies & Datasets, Issues and Relevant Technology Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-05-05: Charter extension, report, requirements Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-04-14: Available data (datasets and vocabularies) Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-03-31: Benefits of Linked Data for libraries Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-02-24: Library data page, Problems and limitations Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-02-17: Final report content, Discussion on Problem and limitations section Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-02-10: Final report content, Discussion on Problems re. library data Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-02-24: Discussion on Problems and limitations, Structure of final report Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-02-10: Guest: Jon Voss on LOD-LAM Summit, Final report topics Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-02-10: Draft report: further writing and reviews, All clusters Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-02-03: Draft report, wiki pages, Authority Cluster Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-01-20: Bibliographic cluster, Terminology discussion, Records in libraryland and linked data Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-01-13: Report from ALA, Vocabulary Alignment cluster Agenda Minutes
  • 2011-01-06: Terminology wrap-up, Cluster effort status (incl new clusters), remaining use case actions Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-12-02: Cologne meeting report, JISC work, Citation cluster Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-11-18: Use cases curation process + housekeeping, Topics in relation to mailing list threads... Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-11-11: CKAN, Authority data use case cluster, Use case methodology Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-11-04: Follow-up on Pittsburgh F2F / going further with use cases and topics - Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-10-22: F2F, Pittsburgh, Joint meeting with DCMI Architecture Forum - Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-10-14: Last-minute check of agenda items for Pittsburgh Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-09-30: Discussion on use cases and topic list for the F2F Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-09-16: F2F and use case update, discussion on Ed and Joachim's related use cases Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-08-19: F2F meetings, use case progress report, IFLA Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-07-29: Agreement on use case template and way to go for collecting cases Agenda Minutes
  • 2010-06-03: Introduction to the XG, presentations: Agenda, Minutes

Some guidance

  • Another page on zakim: how to log into IRC before calling, hide Zakim commands from the agenda, manage the speaker queue.