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Federated Social Web Summit 2010

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Its a meeting of federated social web committers!



A one-day summit by those implementors working on building the federated social web. This means building upon open web protocols that allow for various web projects to interoperate. We will be addressing current implementations, successes and incompatibilities between services, as well as the future and how to implement it.

The event is Invite only. Implementers only. Status.Net, OStatus, Buzz, Diaspora, GNU Social, DiSo, BuddyPress, Elgg, posterous, Tumblr, Dreamwidth. LetLs kick this thing up a notch.

  • Logo (SVG), designed by Robert Martinez, with inspiration from Florica Vlad.


Attendance at the event is invite only. Our invitation criteria:

  • Be open to, and preferably enthusiastic about, the federated social Web. This is a "how" meeting, not a "why" or "whether to" meeting.
  • Be writing code OR be down at the bits and bytes level in protocols

See FedAll2010/Invitations for the state of invitations. If you think you, or someone you know, should be at this meeting, let us know.

Here are some bios of the attendees.

Here are the projects represented at the event.

And these are the organisations that attended.


Sunday, July 18 from 9-5 PM.

See Schedule for the schedule


To collaborate and build the future of the Internet together via the federated social web with OStatus and other open web technologies.




  • After 5 PM, we will head to the Doug Fir Lounge for drinks. All are invited to this special Portland post FSWS2010 meetup! http://dougfirlounge.com/
  • 830 E Burnside, Portland 97214


  • Public Transit Map - Leftbank to Jupiter Hotel & Doug Fir Lounge:

Details of Location

  • On the lower level of the building, the clubroom is a perfect place for meetings. With retractable glass door partitions and a moveable wall, the clubroom can be one open space or divided into two or three breakout rooms. The clubroom can be accessed from the main entrance off N. Weidler Street or from a separate entrance on N. Vancouver Avenue. The new state-of-the-art restrooms are shared by the upper and lower levels and were designed to be energy-efficient and offer ample facilities for a full house.
  • The annex is centrally located in close-in NE Portland. There is ample nearby parking and excellent access to public transportation. By design, the Annex is a green event space.
  • The Leftbank Annex is one of two buildings that make up the Leftbank Project, The Leftbank Building sits at the eastern head of the Broadway Bridge, where Broadway intersects with Weidler. The Leftbank Annex is one block east of the Leftbank Building (across N. Vancouver Street). The Annex is adjacent to the Rose Garden and is easily accessible by bike, bus and MAX. Download maps at http://leftbankannex.com.
  • The Annex has been equipped with a sophisticated a/v and DALI digital lighting system. A portable PA system is available in the clubroom.
  • Five spots are reserved for you in the Annex parking lot east of the building on the day of the event. These can be used at your discretion. Six spots are also reserved at all times for Annex and Bon Appétit staff. Additional parking is available in the Annex Lot and Leftbank Project parking lots (Building and Triangle) by special arrangement. Parking is also available at adjacent Rose Quarter parking garages by prior arrangement. There is plentiful on-street parking within easy walking distance of the Annex.


Places to Eat



Fast Food


  • Portland Farmers Market: http://www.portlandfarmersmarket.org/ -- try PineState Biscuits Booth, Stumptown Coffee, VooDoo Donuts
  • Food carts: "Cartopia" on SE 12th and Hawthorne is this really amazing universe with great food. It's a bunch of carts started by random 20 something kids and, especially, in the evening it's kind of the center of PDX nightlife culture (at least on the Eastside). Don't miss: Potato Champion (belgian frites with poutine) and Whiffies Fried Pies (dessert and savory!). This is the heart of Portland. Do not miss. Must go late night.

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