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Please only put your name down once.

Federated social web summit invitations
company/project contacts invited? attending notes onsite registered
StatusNet Evan Prodromou, Jon Phillips, Brion Vibber, Zach Copley, James Walker Y Evan Prodromou, Jon Phillips, Brion Vibber, Zach Copley, James Walker N
Automattic (BuddyPress/Gravatar) Toni Schneider, Andy Peatling, Beau Lebens Y Beau Lebens (Gravatar) N
GNU Social Matt Lee, Rob Myers Y Matt Lee, Rob Myers N
Google DeWitt Clinton, Chris Messina, Joseph Smarr, Brad Fitzpatrick, Brett Slatkin, John Panzer Y Chris Messina, Joseph Smarr, Brett Slatkin N
Diaspora Daniel Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, Raphael Sofaer, Ilya Zhitomirskiy Y Daniel Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, Raphael Sofaer, Ilya Zhitomirskiy N
NoseRub Dirk Olbertz Y N Not coming N
Yahoo Eran Hammer-Lahav Y N Not coming N
DiSo Steve Ivy Y Steve Ivy NOTE Chris Messina and Tantek are both in this too. N
Elgg Brett Profitt Y N has a time conflict N
Appleseed Michael Chisari Y Michael Chisari N
Crabgrass Elijah, Daniel, Micah Y Elijah Saxon N
Barnraiser (AROUNDme) Y N invite submitted through web form, NO RESPONSE N
Blaine Cook (WebFinger and others) Blaine Cook Y Blaine Cook N
One Social Web (Vodafone), W3C Social Web Incubator Alard Weisscher, daniel appelquist, laurent Y daniel appelquist yes! N
Dreamwidth Mark Smith Y Mark Smith N
Facebook Dave Recordon, Monica Keller Y Dave Recordon N
FOAF Dan Brickley Y N
Twitter Raffi Krikorian, Marcel Molina Y N
OpenMicroBlogger Brian Hendrickson Y Brian Hendrickson N
XMPP Foundation Peter St. Andre Y N N
Six Apart Martin Atkins Y Martin Atkins N
Cliqset Darren Bounds Y Darren Bounds N
BuddyCloud Tuomas Koski, Simon Tennant Y Tuomas Koski, Simon Tennant N
Rise Up Elijah Saxon Y Elijah Saxon N
Social Jargon Ward Cunningham Y Ward Cunningham N
Superfeedr Julien Genestoux Y N Can't make it :( N
Mozilla Mike Hanson,, Dan Mills, Ragavan Srinivasan, Paul Osman, Dan Mosedale Y Dan Mills, Paul Osman, Austin King, Dan Mosedale Dan is on the fence. N
Tumblr John Y N
Posterous Sachin Y N busy. N
Tantek (Falcon, Whistle, and others) Tantek Çelik Y Tantek Çelik N
Personal Data Store Project Joseph Boyle, Kaliya Hamlin, Markus, Joe Johnston, Drummond Reed Y Joseph Boyle, Kaliya Hamlin, Markus, Joe Johnston N
creator of SMOB and co-editor of SIOC Alexandre Passant Y N
NUI Galway, SIOC Project John Breslin Y John Breslin N
chi.mp Gib Y N
Geoloqi Aaron Parecki, Don Park Y Aaron Parecki, Don Park N
Naver/NHN Soon-Son Kwon (Shawn) Y Y N
ECHO Chris Saad, Vlad Y N Can't participate in person, wants virtual. N
@versionvega Markus Sabadello Y Y (visit my blog! http://danubechannel.com, watch this video) N
Lorea contact at: federation@lorea.cc and mailing list community https://lists.rhizomatik.net/listinfo/mycelia-community Y Lorea is a project to create secure social cybernetic systems, in which human networks will become simultaneusly represented on a virtual shared world. Its aim is to create a distributed and federated nodal organization of entities with no geophysical territory, interlacing their multiple relationships through binary codes and languages. More information at: Lorea working group No one has replied yet! N
Microsoft Rob Dolin Y Y N
studiVZ Sebastian Galonska Y Y N
Rapportive Martin Kleppmann Y N N
Social Hive Joe Johnston Y Joe Johnston N
Janrain Ivan Pulleyn Y Y said yes! N
Cordance/Identity Drummond Reed Y Y waiting to hear back from last minute N
Drupal David Strauss Y Y N
Clearspring/Addthis.com Justin Thorp Y N can't come, new! N
Ångströ / Knx.to Rohit Khare Y Y Y

Press is not participating in the summit but we've had a few press outlets who want to do some arranged interviews and also to attend our drinks after the event.

Federated social Web Summit Press Interviews
company/project contacts invited? attending notes onsite registered
NYTIMES Jim Dwyer Y Y coming mid-day on Sunday, need to arrange interview area N