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This is a tentative schedule. If you have specific topics, please list them below.

OPTIONAL Pre-Summit Saturday, July 17, 6 PM + 8 PM

Since some of you are already in town and/or are arriving today on Saturday, we'd love to see you for food and drinks tonight!

We are double teaming with the Community Leadership Summit folks who are going to Saucebox at 6 PM for some earlier drinks and dinner. Then, as we mentioned earlier, we are heading to the Gilt Club at 8 PM for drinks. Don't worry if you are late! Both venues have food. And, call me (Jon) if you are lost or need directions: +1.510.499.0894. I am bald and will be wearing a Status.Net t-shirt.

Directions if you are coming from the Oregon Convention Center:

Sunday, July 18, 9 - 5 PM

8:30 AM 9 AM arrivals and whatever.
9 AM 9:30 AM welcome
  • Evan, Overview of day and Federated Social Web (10 min)
  • introductions
9:30 AM 10:30 AM overview of projects in the room, set 1
  • Brion and James
10:30 AM 11:30 AM overview of projects in the room, set 2
11:30 AM 12:00 PM surfacing similarities and differences
12:00 PM 12:30 PM Food served, talk about ideas for what to do after lunch
12:30 PM 1:45 PM Evan leads process to self organize work for afternoon
1:45 PM 2:40 A: Open Source Projects that need webfinger now
1:45 PM 2:40 B: Privacy over PSHB, Webfinger, & Salmon
1:45 PM 2:40 C: Getting Started, Let's Connect Implementations
1:45 PM 2:40 D: Brand For Federated Social Web
2:40 PM 3:35 A: Federation Risk and Caching of Federated Data (Privacy)
2:40 PM 3:35 B: OAuth dynamic association inspired by XMPP Dialback and Friends
2:40 PM 3:35 C: Change the client to get what we want
2:40 PM 3:35 D: Federated Location Sharing
2:40 PM 3:35 E: Data Portability
3:35 PM 4:30 A: Best Practices for Activity Streams
3:35 PM 4:30 B: Salmon The Secret Weapon of the federated social web
3:35 PM 4:30 C: UI and UX Patterns for fun and profit
3:35 PM 4:30 D: FSWS2010 Next Meeting and FSWS2011
4:30 PM 5 PM Discuss next steps, go have drinks! FSWS2010 Next Steps

See also sessions.

Sunday, July 18th, 5 PM onward! Casual Drinks and Discussion


We are doing in row order.

Presentation Overview

Order of Presentations

  • Evan Prodromou, The Federated Social Web
    • overview
  • Brion Vibber, StatusNet overview - ODP File:Statusnet-arch-overview-pdf.pdf
  • Martin Atkins, Six Apart, ActivityStrea.ms
  • Markus is presenting about @versionvega, Slides
  • Tuomas Koski, Buddycloud
  • Personal Data Store Project, Slides Site by: Markus, Kaliya Hamlin, Joseph Boyle, Joe Johnston & not present Drummond Reed
  • Joe Johnston, Social Hive, Open Action Network: technical aspects of how we're federating nodes http://www.openactionnetwork.org/ and Open Social Patform: how we're planning on integrating with personal data stores and using mobile phones for digital goods micro payments
  • Sebastien
  • Aaron Parecki, Geoloqi: Temporal relationships, location sharing, signups from mobile devices slides (html)
  • David Strauss and Danese Cooper, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Michael Chisari, Appleseed: The Future Of The Appleseed Platform, building a social platform and the ideas behind the api, federated approach, and requirements for a protocol.
  • Chris Messina, DiSo, ActivityStrea.ms
  • Charlie, cliqset
  • Joseph Smarr, Google
  • Beau Lebens, Automattic
  • Paul Osman, Mozilla Drumbeat
  • Dan Mills, Mozilla Account Manager
  • Maxwell Salzberg, Diaspora pdf
  • Brian Hendrickson, OpenMicroBlogger
  • Brett Slatkin, Google
  • Tantek, microformats/Mozilla/Falcon/Whistle: Itches and Scratches
  • Austin King, Ozten/Mozilla
  • John Breslin
  • Ivan Pulleyn, Janrain
  • Steve Ivy, DiSo
  • Rob Dolin, Microsoft
  • James Walker, Status.Net
  • Daniel Appelquist, Vodafone/OneSocialWeb
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