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List of attendees who are on Twitter

  • Aaron Parecki is the co-founder of Geoloqi, and is also CIO at quicksilverleads.com, a real-estate solutions website.
  • Austin King is a senior web developer with Mozilla, and has previously worked with Amazon.com and Rhapsody music service.
  • Beau Lebens works with Automattic Inc., and previously created FeedBlendr feed remixer and the MyBabyOurBaby online scrapbook.
  • Blaine Cook is a member of Osmosoft, co-creator of Webfinger, and former lead developer with Twitter.
  • Brett Slatkin is a software engineer on the Google App Engine team and is co-creator of the PubSubHubbub protocol.
  • Brian Hendrickson is the creator of OpenMicroBlogger, the Structal PHP framework, runs the Megapump consultancy and co-founded Nozzl Media.
  • Brion Vibber is senior architect at StatusNet, and was previously lead developer for MediaWiki, the software that powers the Wikipedia.
  • Chris Messina works as open web advocate with Google, and is known for co-creating BarCamp and the Spread Firefox campaign.
  • Dan Mills works on the Account Manager and other social projects at Mozilla. He was previously the lead engineer of Weave, now Firefox Sync.
  • Daniel Appelquist works with Vodafone R&D, is co-chair of the W3C Social Web Incubator Group, and is a member of the W3C TAG.
  • Daniel Grippi is a computer science student at New York University and a member of the Diaspora* project team.
  • Darren Bounds is CEO and co-founder of Cliqset, and is an open web advocate.
  • Dave Recordon works at Facebook, where he developed the Open Graph Protocol, and he previously co-developed OpenID and worked with Six Apart.
  • Don Park is a developer with Geoloqi, and has written a variety of social networking utilities for FOAF and XFN.
  • Drummond Reed is co-founder and director of Cordance, a founding board member of OpenID, and co-chairs the XRI and XDI technical committees for OASIS.
  • Elijah Saxon is a member of the Riseup Collective and is co-manager of the Crabgrass project.
  • Evan Prodromou is the founder and CEO of StatusNet Inc., and has been developing open-source software for over 10 years.
  • Ilya Zhitomirskiy is a maths student at New York University and a member of the Diaspora* project team.
  • Ivan Pulleyn is a software engineer with Janrain, and previously worked at a variety of companies including Alexa and Desktop.com.
  • James Walker works at StatusNet as a software services architect, and is a long-time Drupal developer.
  • Joe Johnston is the founder of Open Action Network and is actively involved in building personal data stores and federated social networks.
  • John Breslin is a lecturer at NUI Galway, researching SIOC and the Social Semantic Web, and is co-founder of the boards.ie forum community site.
  • Jon Phillips is a developer for StatusNet, creator of Fabricatorz, and long-time open-source and free-culture advocate.
  • Jonathan Jeon is a senior member of research staff at ETRI, and is also chair of TTA WG6051(Mobile Web WG), and is known as moderator/creator of MobileWebAppsCamp.
  • Joseph Boyle works on the Personal Data Store project and co-organised the recent Big Data Workshop.
  • Joseph Smarr is a social web engineer with Google, former CTO of Plaxo, and co-author of the "Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web".
  • Kaliya Hamlin works on open standards for user-centric identity, and co-founded the Internet Identity Workshop series.
  • Mark Smith is co-founder and chief technologist with Dreamwidth Studios, and previously worked as a developer with LiveJournal and Six Apart.
  • Markus Sabadello is the creator of @versionvega, and has interests in identity, privacy and peer-to-peer networks.
  • Martin Atkins is a software engineer at Six Apart, and is co-author of the ActivityStrea.ms specification.
  • Matt Lee is the founder of FooCorp, creators of the Libre.fm music sharing service, and developer of GNU Social.
  • Maxwell Salzberg is a student at New York University and a member of the Diaspora* project team.
  • Michael Chisari is an open-source developer and has been lead developer for the Appleseed project since 2004.
  • Paul Osman is a senior web developer with the Mozilla foundation and is an open web advocate.
  • Raphael Sofaer is a student at New York University and a member of the Diaspora* project team.
  • Rob Dolin is a program manager for Windows Live at Microsoft, and owner of Wuxx Events, a calendar of local Seattle events.
  • Rob Myers is communications officer with FooCorp, a member of the GNU Social team, and chief voluntary webmaster for the gnu.org.
  • Sebastian Galonska is a senior platform developer with studiVZ, and developer advocate with VZnet Netzwerke.
  • Simon Tennant is founder and CEO of BuddyCloud, and has interests in mobile location sharing and reputation systems in social applications.
  • Soon-Son Kwon is a general manager at NHN, and founder of KDLP, Korea's main open source community.
  • Steve Ivy is a web developer and standards advocate with Six Apart, and co-founded the DiSo project.
  • Tantek Çelik (http://tantek.com) is the implementer of Falcon, Whistle (personal open web publishing), works on open standards for Mozilla, and a key developer/advocate of open web technologies like microformats, ActivityStreams, and DiSo 2.0. He was formerly chief technologist with Technorati, as well as editor/author of many CSS specifications. He presented at FSWS: Itches & Scratches. proposed we produce a 'social web acid test' (SWAT), and abstracted/documented SWAT0 with @daveman692 @evanpro.
  • Tuomas Koski is a developer with the BuddyCloud project and is a member of the XMPP standards foundation.
  • Ward Cunningham is CTO with AboutUs, devised the first wiki, and is a pioneer in design patterns and extreme programming.
  • Zach Copley is a senior software developer at StatusNet, and is also manages developer relations for the company.