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Hi all, we are a few days out from the Federated Social Web Summit 2010 (#FSWS2010) in Portland this coming Sunday, July 18, right before OSCON. We were pulling for a group of about 20. Now we have our own federation with around 50 people coming together for a full day of making the federated social web real. And, tomorrow at noon we have to lock down our invitee list, so if anyone is on the fence about participation or there is anyone you want to attend, we really need to have their RSVP locked down by tomorrow morning.

In order to make the #FSWS2010 a complete success, here are some reminders:


  • Please prepare a 5-10 minute presentation about your product(s), project(s), and/or protocol(s). Do one presentation each per project/group; e.g. there'll be a presentation about StatusNet and another about OStatus. Please focus on federated social web issues. What have you done, what do you plan to do in this space? What do you want to solve or be solved?
  • We don't have loads of time, so if you are in a group, please pick one person to present no more than 10 slides about your topic. W
  • Please send to jon@status.net or point a url to Jon on or before Saturaday, July 17, or bring your slides on a USB stick. We will have one laptop ready for presentation mode with powerpoint, keynote and a PDF viewer.
  • We have allocated 2, 1 hour blocks in the morning to get through presentations rapidly so we can be productive in the afternoon.


  • Here is the in-progress schedule which has many openings. We have a lot space so we should self-organize depending on the final list of people.
  • We are strongly trying to prevent lurkers. If your plan is to sit in the back and check email, please think about doing something else with your Sunday. We may not ever get the chance to do this again, and it's important that our time together be productive.
  • Please feel free to do a blog post about the event. If that is on your own site, your company or projects site and if its before, or after the summit, it will help let our communities know expectations and outcomes.
  • We've had a few requests about press participation, and we've decided that best to open up our summit for drinks with press and others who might not fit into the technical and committers profile setup for the conference. With that being said, we do have press that will be on-site in a separate room to do one on one interviews. Note, we've expressly said that press is to not interrupt our event.

We have a tight schedule and want to start at nine AM. We will get everyone checked in from 8:30 - 8:55 so we can get started at the event venue:

Finally, the event is scheduled to end at 5 PM. We will then head over to Douglas Fir Lounge for drinks and snacks in an indoor/outdoor venue. If you have colleagues, press or friend who hope to attend this, please let us know:

If anyone is up for a pre-summit cocktail, some of us are meeting at the Gilt Club in downtown Portland at 8 PM on Saturday, July 17. Hopefully none of us will be Gilt'y the next morning ;)

If you have any questions, please reach out! See you all Sunday!

Evan and Jon

Evan Mobile -> 514-554-3826 Jon Mobile -> 510-499-0894