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Note that not all projects were able to send representatives; however, these are some of the projects interested in creating a federated social web.

Account Manager

Account Manager brings identity management (sign in/sign out/sign up) into browser chrome


ActivityStrea.ms is a format for syndicating social activities around the Web.


Appleseed is an effort to create open-source social networking software that is based on a distributed model.


AROUNDme from Barnraiser is an open-source collaboration server system for creating collaborative social spaces on the Web.


Contacts aggregates your social graph in the browser and makes it available to Web pages


Crabgrass is a free web application designed for social networking, group collaboration and network organising.


Diaspora* is a forthcoming open-source personal web system intended to be part of a distributed, decentralised social networking architecture.


DiSo is a initiative to build a distributed social network architecture using microformats, OpenID, OAuth and other building blocks.


Drumbeat is a new Mozilla project aimed at building a movement of everyday web users interesting in protecting the openness of the web.


Duuit! is the social sharing and collaboration platform with your privacy in mind, created in July 2009 as a better way to socialize and stay connected on the internet. Duuit! is part of the JamminNet (federated internet services).


Echo allows publishers to quickly embed real-time streams of Digg bookmarks, Facebook updates, tweets, comments and more.


Elgg is an open-source social networking engine that was initially aimed at educational and learning groups, but has now entered general use.


Falcon is a personal publishing, syndicating, tweeting and updating web application, with an algorithmically reversible personal URL shortener called Whistle.


FOAF, or Friend of a Friend, is a Semantic Web vocabulary for describing people's profiles and their social connections.

GNU Social

GNU Social is a decentralised free software social networking system, written in PHP.


Lorea is a project to create secure social cybernetic systems, in which human networks will be simultaneously represented in a virtual shared world.


Mozilla is an open-source project providing web browsers, e-mail clients, chat systems and more.


Noserub is a decentralised social network that allows users to own their own data and that can act as a profile aggregation service.


OneSocialWeb is a free and open decentralised social networking platform, based on XMPP, and developed by the Vodafone R&D group.

Open Action Network

Open Action Network is a framework for sharing actions--events, petitions, etc.--and comments between federated networks.

Open Graph Protocol

Open Graph Protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in the Facebook social graph.


OpenMicroBlogger is an mplementation of the OpenMicroBlogging.org specification for site-to-site microblogging.


OStatus is an open standard for distributed status updates that allows different messaging hubs to route status updates between users in near real time.

Project Danube

Project Danube is an XDI-based Personal Data Store for implementing the Federated Social Web, Vendor Relationship Management, and other visions that "put you in control over your data".


Rapportive is a browser extension that replaces ads in Gmail with photos, biographic data and social media links, for whoever you're corresponding with.


SIOC is a framework for interlinking online community sites using Semantic Web technologies, by defining structures common to most social websites.


SMOB is a Semantic Web application for semantic microblogging, that combines a distributed hub-based architecture with a tag-to-concept mapping assistant.

Social Jargon

Social Jargon is an initiative that will enable people to be casually precise in a world where we want to write less but mean more.


SocialRiver is OStatus-based software that works with WordPress and BuddyPress to create a decentralized federated social networking platform


sudoSocial is a experiment Open Source stream editing and publishing platform from the Mozilla community


versionvega is a peer-to-peer general purpose network for applications far beyond file sharing.


Webfinger is a protocol for sharing information about people and discovering things about friends, without having to remember various URLs.