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FedAll2010/Email Announcement

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With less than a month to go, we're finishing up preparations for the federated web summit, and we wanted to make sure you have the information you need to attend.

  • WHAT: One-time working meeting for contributors to the federated social web.
  • WHO: You! This invite-only meeting is for implementers. We've tried to bring in everyone we know of who's working on a federated social web. There is a list of invitees at http://federatedsocialweb.net/wiki/FedAll2010/Invitations. If you think there should be someone else on that list, please let us know.
  • WHEN: July 18th, 2010 from 9AM-5PM. The Sunday before OSCON 2010 and the XMPP Summit.
  • WHERE: Portland, OR. We'll meet at the Leftbank Annex: 240 N Weidler. Portland, OR 97227 (http://leftbankannex.com/2009/08/club-room/).

Some other things to note:


  • This email list (link to email list is missing? how can we contact?) was set up for organizing the event; please use it to talk to others on this list. Detailed discussion about protocols, projects and products is probably best done elsewhere.
  • If you get lost or freaked out or whatever, call Evan at 514-554-3826 or Jon at 510-499-0894 and we'll get you sorted.
  • Participation in this event doesn't sign you or your company or organization up for anything.
  • Please prepare a 5-10 minute presentation about your product(s), project(s), and/or protocol(s). Do one presentation each; e.g. there'll be a presentation about StatusNet and another about OStatus. Please focus on federated social web issues -- what have you done, what do you plan to do.
  • Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the participants and projects listed on the invitee pages. The more of us that know the basics when we hit the ground, the more likely we'll be to make progress.
  • Some invitees are unable to attend because of travel costs. If you or your company could sponsor an Open Source participant for a few hundred US$, please let us know and we'll link you up with someone.
  • We may get together for dinner and drinks the night before, depending on who's in town.
  • We're going to announce the event on our blog at status.net; we've asked people if they don't mind us mentioning their name or project. Feel free to publicize your participation the event on your blog, but please don't a) invite people or b) list names of other participants who may not want to be named.
  • We've got a (public) wiki at http://federatedsocialweb.net/. Please use it.

Thanks again for the work you do and for attending this event.