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Accessibility round up 2nd July 2013

Hello All,

I’m planning to post a list of accessibility related articles that I found interesting from different sources. Here is the first round up!

Happy reading!
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Introducing myself – Srinivasu Chakravarthula, PayPal

My name is Srinivasu, Accessibility practice lead at PayPal. My work at PayPal involves raising awareness about accessibility, manage accessibility evaluation process, develop automation suits and coordinate for accessibility fixes.

Accessibility is not just my job but something very close to my heart. I write blogs and offer freelance services at and more about me at

Looking forward to fruitful discussions.


Introduce yourself at Accessibility in India Community Group

Hi All,

I am Prashant Verma, Sr. Software Engineer, W3C India. In India the areas that needs to be focused are development of multilingual assistive technologies, Awareness & education of accessibility guidelines, adoption of Standards in e-governance services etc in order to get accessible web based solutions.


Introduce yourself at Accessibility in India Community Group

Hi All,

Welcome to the Accessibility in India Community Group! Feel free to introduce yourself and your organization and your work in accessibility!

To communicate with everyone on the group, some of the tools available are:

  • Blog (with RSS feeds)
  • Mailing lists
  • Wiki
  • IRC (with access to IRC tools for meeting management)

Look forward to engaging with you’ll.