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Let’s Reconnect on Accessibility!

It’s great to see more and more companies in India start to talk of accessibility. As an interest group, we have been quiet for a period. It is now time to come back to the discussion of accessibility and help spread the word in India.

As the Chair of the Interest Group, I would like to start by just getting to know each other. I know for some of us, we might have done this in the past. But a request to everyone is to just say a few lines about yourself and the work you do in accessibility in the comment of this post.

I hope to see more questions and discussions on the group, so that we can all learn and share with each other to create a dynamic accessibility community in India.


Shilpi Kapoor

4 Responses to Let’s Reconnect on Accessibility!

  • Shilpi Kapoor

    Hi all,
    I am Shilpi Kapoor, the CEO of BarrierBreak, the leading accessibility and assistive technology firm in India.

    I started my journey 20 years back in this space and belief that accessibility is important and digital or web accessibility is a must!

    If your in Mumbai, feel free to drop into our office and when I travel across India, hope to meet all of you!



  • Ramya Venkitesh

    Hi all,

    I am Ramya Venkitesh working with BarrierBreak, for the past 8 years.

    My current profile requires me to Formulate New Ideas to create Innovative Accessible Solutions across all Disabilities.

    Glad to be part of this group where I get to meet all the accessibility enthusiasts in India.



  • Ketan Kothari

    Although I am not professionally involved directly in access-related services, I believe that without accessibility nothing can succeed. I love reading E-books and am glad that more and more books are being converted in electronic format. I hope that I can get more and more books in regional languages too along with a decent text-to-speech engine; I know this is a huge ask but why not ask for the sky?


    • Shilpi Kapoor

      Agreed ketan. Have started a discussion so we can start to atleast get the information of the different TTS available. So please do add to the discussion there!


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