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User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG)

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Announcements and Meetings

Status: UAWG has sent out requests for approval of disposition of comments on the 25 September working draft. UAWG has received some responses and followed up on those additional comments. (2015-04-09)

Status: The Mobile Accessibility Task Force, a joint task force of WCAG WG and UAWG, published the First Public Working Draft of Mobile Accessibility: How WCAG 2.0 and Other W3C/WAI Guidelines Apply to Mobile. (2015-02-26)

Status: Mobile Accessibility Task Force, a joint task force with WCAG Working Group, is working on a Note on How WCAG and UAAG apply to Mobile Accessibility. (2014-11-10)

Status: In response to comments on the Last Call Working Draft, UAWG published updated working drafts of User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 2.0, the UAAG 2.0 Reference: Explanations, Examples, and Resources for User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (renamed from Implementing UAAG 2.0), and the Mobile Accessibility Examples from UAAG 2.0 Reference. (2014-09-25)

Status: UAWG has moved UAAG Editors draft and UAAG Comment processing to Github (2014-04-24)



Face to face meetings:

Current Work

UAWG has moved the Editors' draft to W3C Github Repository (public). The latest versions may be found there. Issues and pull requests are welcome.

UAAG 2.0

UAAG 2.0 Reference (formerly Implementing UAAG 2.0)

Comment Responses

Mobile Accessibility Task Force

The Mobile Accessibility Task Force (Mobile A11Y TF) is a joint Task Force of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG WG) and the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG). It assists these Working Groups to produce techniques, understanding, and guidance documents, as well as updates to existing related W3C material that addresses the mobile space. Kim Patch is the Task Force Facilitator representing UAWG and Jeanne Spellman is the W3C staff contact.

Older Work

UAAG 1.0 Implementation

Test suites and implementation reports

Previous deliverables

Future deliverables (after UAAG 1.0)

Other Work

Comments on other W3C Documents


User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 1.0 Recommendation

User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (UAAG 1.0)- W3C Recommendation (17 December 2002)

About the UAWG

The User Agent Accessibility Guidelines explain to user agent developers how to make their products more accessible to people with disabilities and for increasing usability for all users. The Working Group charter outlines the goals, work methods, and requirements for participation.


Information on how to participate in the Working Group. You may join if you belong to a W3C Member organization or have been invited by the Chair to participate.

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Patent disclosures

Patent disclosures for UAWG deliverables are made available per the 24 January 2002 W3C Current Patent Practice Note:

All disclosure statements made by W3C Members are made public with each publicly-visible Working Draft (public Working Draft, Last Call Working Draft, Candidate Recommendation, Proposed Recommendation, Recommendation).

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