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ISSUE-291 (edit) OPEN 'line-break' property needs a normative definition 2012-12-04 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-292 (edit) OPEN 'line-break' and 'word-break' interaction not clearly defined 2012-12-04 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-75 (edit) CLOSED More precision on white space processing rules and interaction with line breaking 2008-12-08 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-76 (edit) CLOSED Consider tab-size control 2008-12-08 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-97 (edit) CLOSED Text-align-last: justify center; 2009-03-04 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-98 (edit) CLOSED Justification and aligning fullwidth+halfwidth chars 2009-03-04 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-100 (edit) CLOSED letter-spacing/word-spacing percentages 2009-03-04 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-147 (edit) CLOSED Indenting pre-wrap lines 2010-09-22 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-151 (edit) CLOSED Split punctuation-trim so that start can be controlled independently. 2011-01-11 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-152 (edit) CLOSED First-line Alignment 2011-01-11 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-154 (edit) CLOSED Proposal to add "text-decoration-skip: decoration-boundary" 2011-01-13 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-155 (edit) CLOSED text-justify:distribute behavior 2011-01-13 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-157 (edit) CLOSED Underline should not go through the body of ideographs 2011-01-13 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-159 (edit) CLOSED Whehter text-trim should default to force-start or keep-start 2011-01-16 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-165 (edit) CLOSED "sequence of spaces unbroken by an element boundary" implies breakpoints at element boundaries 2011-03-02 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-166 (edit) CLOSED Better guidance on handling control chars in document 2011-03-02 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-175 (edit)
CLOSED What should text-shadow color default to ? 2011-03-07 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-219 (edit) CLOSED Define location of break opportunity within collapsed whitespace 2012-01-10 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-220 (edit) CLOSED Scope of line-breaking controls wrt non-U+0020 spaces (Zs) 2012-01-12 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-221 (edit) CLOSED text-emphasis-color can't recompute color to match text on descendants 2012-01-12 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-229 (edit) CLOSED Allow pre-wrap to justify 2012-03-16 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-230 (edit) CLOSED text-align: start and bidi issues 2012-03-20 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-236 (edit) CLOSED Define aliasing of word-wrap and overflow-wrap 2012-03-30 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-240 (edit) CLOSED Should 'text-transform' capitalize apply to letters after hyphen or underscore? 2012-04-21 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-242 (edit) CLOSED disallow combinations in text-transform 2012-04-21 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-243 (edit) CLOSED graphical effects and text-decoration 2012-04-21 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-244 (edit) CLOSED currentColor and Inheritance 2012-04-21 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-245 (edit) CLOSED apply letter-spacing at element boundaries 2012-04-21 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-246 (edit) CLOSED Rename text-wrap: none to text-wrap: nowrap 2012-04-21 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-247 (edit) CLOSED Should symbols case-shift due to 'text-transform' 2012-04-21 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-251 (edit) CLOSED pull ruby-position into css3-text 2012-05-10 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-268 (edit) CLOSED Does word-spacing: normal compute to 0? 2012-07-12 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-270 (edit) CLOSED text-decoration-skip value for border/padding/margin 2012-07-19 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-273 (edit) CLOSED Interaction of text-decoration longhands and blink 2012-08-06 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-275 (edit) CLOSED constant vs. varying text-decoration positions 2012-08-14 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-276 (edit) CLOSED Split Text Decoration into separate module? 2012-08-14 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-285 (edit) CLOSED Clarifications and cross-link-fixing for text decoration line positions 2012-11-13 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-286 (edit) CLOSED Clarifications to text-align in overflowing cases 2012-11-13 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-290 (edit) CLOSED letter-spacing doesn't normatively define how spacing is applied 2012-12-03 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-294 (edit) CLOSED spacing limits are not interoperable 2012-12-04 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-295 (edit) CLOSED text-justify needs to be fundamentally rethought 2012-12-04 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-301 (edit) CLOSED Why aren't all currency symbols included in line-break rules 2013-02-06 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-274 (edit) RAISED SVG's white space rules are weird 2012-08-10 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-329 (edit) RAISED letter-spacing: <length> and justification 2013-05-10 CSS3 Text 0
ISSUE-333 (edit) RAISED Should text-align-last require text-align: justify? 2013-05-11 CSS3 Text 0

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ACTION-799 (edit) open document CSS3 Text changes (new text features, changes to existing properties) since CSS2.1 Elika Etemad 2016-10-26 CSS3 Text

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