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Social Web Working Group Teleconference

09 Feb 2016

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aaronpk, wilkie, tantek, bengo, ben_thatmustbeme, akuckartz, Arnaud, dromasca, AnnB, tsyesika, eprodrom, sandro

Previous Minutes


tantek: lets get started
... we have two sets of minutes to approve


tantek: the first set from Jan 26th, look a bit odd
... has anyone had a chance to review these minutes?
... (hearing nothing) well thats not a good sign


tantek: the other set of minutes is from last week


tantek: which look a bit better

eprodrom: I am the one who did the conversion on 1/26 mintues, so if you want to hold off on those I will fix them
... I basically took the IRC log and ran it through pandoc


tantek: we'll postpone that one until last week

<bengo> +1

<wilkie> +1

<aaronpk> +1


<tsyesika> +1

<dromasca> +1

<cwebber2> +1

tantek: votes for minutes from last week?


<eprodrom> +1

tantek: I wasn't here last week but I don't see any resolutions

<wilkie> eprodrom: you can use and update the url it generated to 01/26 to get something reasonable

RESOLUTION: accept minutes from last week

Activity Streams 2.0


<eprodrom> jasnell: ?

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: first item is update on issues

eprodrom: is james on the call?

<jasnell> my regrets.. buried to my eyeballs. I will have an updated WD by the end of the week

<jasnell> eprodrom: I will open a PR to add those test files to your suite

eprodrom: i don't have a lot of updates on issues, we have been holding off on any

<bengo> jasnell:

eprodrom: I don't think there have been many new issues so I don't have any update there

tantek: is amy on the call?

sandro: in a minute

tantek: the rest of the CR issues seem to be covered by specific things in the agenda

eprodrom: I'll discuss them then

tantek: next item then

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eprodrom: 2 weeks ago we decided that for our test suite we would provide 2 test objects, a collection of AS documents that people can use to test their parsers
... that process started last week (github link in room)


eprodrom: started with examples from core and vocab docs. James has a collection of 50 other docs that he will be merging in
... this will be our test corpus

<eprodrom> cwebber2: ?

eprodrom: i wanted to ask other people who are doing implmentations if they have tried that corpus yet?

<cwebber2> eprodrom: what's the question for me?

eprodrom: chris, it would be good to see if that works with the python implementation

<cwebber2> (sorry, my phone is busted, and I forgot to book a conference room)

<cwebber2> ah

<cwebber2> I'll try to investigate this weekend

eprodrom: the second part of the test suite is producing valid documents so we decided to make an online validator

<cwebber2> report back next meeting?


eprodrom: there is another github project for this


eprodrom: that is a website that will accept AS documents a number of different ways... a live working version at
... would like to get it to a point of having an endpoint to be allow for scripted testing of it
... both of these projects are moving along pretty nicely

<bengo> Cool

eprodrom: would be very helpful to start getting some contributions on these

<wilkie> yeah, I've looked at the code a little bit. haven't managed to get a local server up with 'npm start' yet. it errors about 'const' heh

<wilkie> I'll figure it out :)

<akuckartz> eprodrom++

<Loqi> eprodrom has 31 karma

eprodrom: Its Okay validation, its a pretty straight forward system, it could be a lot better on parse errors. suggestions to correct, line numbers, etc
... any questions about whats going on?

<eprodrom> wilkie: cool!

tantek: do all the test documents pass the validator?

eprodrom: I haven't tried that yet. I have only done some thus far

tantek: that might be a good milestone to denote
... do we have any error documents in the corpus?

eprodrom: I think we have a couple of "don't do it this way" documents, but not any error documents


tantek: it would be useful for thst to test non-conforming input
... anyone else with questions?
... no one?
... one more question, are you interested in additional submisisons to the corpus like from other implementations?

eprodrom: DEFINITELY

tantek: lets say that we are putting out an official call for anyone with AS2 producers to submit additional documents to the corpus

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eprodrom: pull requests easiest way to do this

tantek: lets move on
... conformance section update


eprodrom: i started working on a draft for this and i still need to work with james but hopefully we will get it out in the WD that will go out this week

tantek: do you want WG review?
... before it publishes in WD, or after the fact?

eprodrom: probably better to do review of the whole doc after WD published

Tracker Actions and issues

tantek: there is nothing pending review

<eprodrom> wilkie: you need to be running the latest stable version of NodeJS


tantek: reminder to everyone that we have a F2F coming up at MIT

<wilkie> eprodrom: dang. ok. that was my suspicion. I quickly gave up and was just looking through the code. will update soon.


<cwebber2> oh

<wilkie> eprodrom: thanks

tantek: we have 10 people RSVP'd so far, If you are in that Zakim list, but not in participation on the wiki, please add RSVP as going, or possible, or regrets

<AnnB> I'm attending .. but having probs logging into wiki, hence cannot edit

also the in an IWC the two days before


and that link

<eprodrom> wilkie: you can also run it on Docker

... there is a link up for the F2F after that

<aaronpk> (sorry can't talk right now)

<AnnB> yay for Portland! (note some bad dates .. likely paste error)

tantek: much fewer RSVPS, the sooner we have counts, the sooner the host can reserve meeting rooms and such

<aaronpk> oops sorry about messing up the dates

tantek: thats a good time of year to be in portland

<AnnB> no worries


<wilkie> eprodrom: yeah, maybe I'll try that

tantek: there is an indiewebcamp summit before that F2F as well

Any Other Business

tantek: any other business?

<cwebber2> I shoudl be able to make it

tantek: shevski are you on the call?

shevski: thoughtworks has some questions about things they weren't entirely clear about on as2
... i will get them to write that up
... and maybe we can have them on next week

<Loqi> I added a countdown for 2/15 10:27am (#5796)


tantek: what would be really helpful for specific issues would be to use github tracker

shevski: they also have a lot of time so they might be able to contribute as well

tantek: eprodrom did you want to address that

eprodrom: yeah, any help with the test suite would be great

<bengo> Have them say hi on the list and talk about their use case?

tantek: i want to specifically emphasize that the sooner they bring up those issues on github, the better
... i think we have reached the end of the agenda

<eprodrom> Great!

tantek: unless anyone has any other issues they want to bring up.....
... lets call it there then

<cwebber2> there's nothing to raise in activitypub land; we worked on issues a bit this week but nothing to report that's interesting enough :)

tantek: talk to you next week

<AnnB> thanks Tantek

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<wilkie> thanks all

<cwebber2> lata!

<AnnB> yay Ben

<wilkie> ben_thatmustbeme++

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<tantek> ben_thatmustbeme++ for minuting!

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trackbot: end meeting

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. accept minutes from last week

[End of minutes]