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A test page for to write to.

brief oafbot docs/context are in #rdfig chump.

This is a Perl bot that writes to Wikis.


[danbri]testing irc2wiki with moinmoin

[danbri]see RdfCalendar notes

[danbri]this is a quick hack to test that my version of Earle's wikibot can talk to our Moin Moin wiki. It seems it can. So we can use wiki names like RdfCalendar here.

[danbri]the output is currently wired to go to ScratchPad in the Wiki. Note that (unlike #sw-team?) this is public.

[sandro]could you link RecentChanges and SandroHawke and MoinMoinToDo and W3C Front Page for me?

[sandro]RFE: PageName+=Some message

[sandro]the syntax I want is: wiki, add [to] MoinMoinToDo: easily writable webspace is good.

[sandro]and: wiki, show MoinMoinToDo

...definite simultanous edit problems if one uses him on a page being edited. I guess he should queue up such changes.

[danbri]for OpeningHoursUseCase my insightful notes go here

[danbri]see also wishlist on Earle's site, based on his installation.

[danbri]I just made a page about the proposed RdfQueryTestingBudapestMeeting (aka BOF) at WWW2003.

[danbri]for MozillaBrowser, Mitchell Baker's article on Browser Innovation, Gecko and the Mozilla Project is an interesting read, partly status report and evangelism, but also a summary of what the Mozilla folks have been up to. Mitchell is also a link between the Mozilla project and Chandler, having joined the OSAF team.

[danbri_lap]this is just a cheapo way of getting content into the Wiki. It's a couple pages of Perl, and can write to moinmoin and usemod wiki.

[danbri_lap]so it uses Wiki markup instead of chump-ese. So I can mention the likes of FaqIdeas or CwmTips, and expect them to be linked.