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There was an RDF Query Testing 'Birds of a Feather' (BOF) meeting, 22 May 2003 Budapest, HUNGARY. Many participants showed interest in meeting again Friday evening; This will take place in the Mozart room at 18:45. We can start earlier if the awards ceremony ends early (considered unlikely). We will have the room until 20:00. We may, at that time, choose to loiter in the halls, or declare our selves done. The date and time has been posted on the conference message board.


  • Relationship to XML Query


---Last Meeting



  • when: 2003-05-23, friday evening session (18:45 - 20:00)
  • where: "Mozart" meeting room (in the BCC)
  • contact: Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>
  • facilities: video projector and internet connection are expected

Hosted as part of the 12th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2003 programme) which runs 20-24 May 2003. This is a meeting of collaborators from the RDF Interest Group discussion list for Rules and Query (archives), with support from the SWAD-Europe project.

Participation from XML Query folk w.r.t. mapping xquery FunctionsAndOperators into RDF would be especially welcome.

Background and Context

Attendees should be familiar with the collaboration to date on RDFQueryTestCases. In particular, please take a look at...

Surveys and tools

The testcase repository page provides further background materials.

Test Case formats

Discussion drafts:


We are collaborating on test case formats for RDF query systems, working to further machine-testable interoperability across databases and query languages that use W3C's RDF data format. These systems may be simple data stores, sophisticated 'rule aware' inference engines, or something in between. A goal of the RDF Query testcases collaboration is to explore the practical issues of RDF query interop through connecting up various such systems to a common collection of (RDF-described) test cases and stored query results. This may provide useful background to more formal standardisation work at W3C in the future; we hope it will also prove useful to RDF tool and application developers in the present.

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