RDF Query (and Rule) Testcase Repository

This is a testcase repository to support interop discussion amongst RDF tool developers, hosted through W3C's RDF Interest Group as part of the Semantic Web Activity. You may like to look at the Data Access Working Group for recent RDF query developments.

STATUS: these files have no formal standing in terms of the W3C 'recommendation track' standards process. They are a collaborative work in progress by various members of the RDF Interest Group, using the #rdfig IRC channel and www-rdf-rules list. The W3C team contact for this filetree is Dan Brickley.

This repository was set up as an outcome from an IRC meeting in #rdfig (meeting announcement notes). The immediate goal is to support interop testing amongst RDF query implementations, through the creation of a test cases repository and machinery for converting between query syntaxes. A secondary goal is to explore the relationship between RDF query and RDF rule systems and languages.

The results of these discussions were a number of test cases which are archived here for future reference (in a .zip file). There are also documents describing a summary of the work undertaken, a manifest format and a resultset format. The tests are made available under the W3C Software License.


We meet occasionally in the #rdfig IRC channel on freenode (formerly OpenProjects). Meetings are announced to www-rdf-rules (archives); the IRC logs and weblogs generally serve as meeting records.



This is a collection of background materials, focussing in particular on existing RDF testing machinery, from both W3C Working Groups and software-oriented efforts. If there are links that could usefully be added here, please announce them to the Rules and query (www-rdf-rules) mailing list.

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Dan Brickley, W3C (RDF Interest Group chair)

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