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Mission and Scope

The mission of the Ontology Task Force is to facilitate creation, evaluation and maintenance of "core vocabularies and ontologies to support cross-community data integration and collaborative efforts.” [[FootNote(HCLS Charter)]]

Activities will focus on the theme of best practices in the context of well defined use cases that are of interest to the broader HCLS community.

Towards this end, this group will collaborate with other task forces within HCLS and with the National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO).

Key Questions

Active Tasks


Work products

Members of the Task Force share the responsibility for preparation of deliverables, with the assistance of collaborators.

    Owner: Alan Ruttenberg see Ontologization for Transitive Closure Inferences ==> Examples
  • Sub Task 2: Write up L and C examples for ontologization of Snomed
    Owner: Davide Zaccagnini
  • Sub Task 3: Incorporate, align or extend use case based on these examples
    Owner: Donald Doherty and Kensaku Kawamoto
    Owner: Donald Doherty
  Coordinator: John Madden
  • Sub Task 1: Ontologization for Annotation Inferences
    Owner: Michael Miller
  Coordinator: Xiaoshu Wang
  • Sub Task 1: Rewrite BIORDF queries using Snomed (or any other ontology)
  • Sub Task 2: Coordinate with Tonya, Alan and Susie to see which of the BIORDF data sources can address the questions identified in the use case.
    Owner: Vipul Kashyap


Our weekly teleconference occurs on Tuesdays, from 1600h-1700h GMT (1100h-1200h US Eastern Time).

Browser-based IRC client

Our archived teleconference minutes are available.

Active participants

The following HCLS members are actively involved in the activities of this task force. (Please feel free to add or remove your name. We've put your names as a WikiName, so it will generate a link to your WikiHomePage.) All HCLS participants are welcome to join in the activity of this task force.


We set up a public Connotea group for the Task Force, where we can maintain references of interest to all.

 You can view the page without a Connotea username; to add references you will need to (1) get a Connotea username (free) and (2) send John an email with you username so he can add you to the group as a contributor. 

Feel free to add to our useful links page.

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