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Integrated Use Case

This wiki site contains the use case developed by June, Don and Helen by integrating the use cases available at:

Framework for AD/PD Integration

AD Use Case
Toxic Entity Abeta*56
Parameters for Toxicity Characterization Mol. wt., Moeity Status, macromolecular complex, etc.
Target for Therapy Abeta*56
Mechanism for Memory Loss ??
Mechansim for LTP ??
Relevant part of Brain hippocampal neuron?
Genes Implicated INFG
Type of Animal Model Mouse
Disruption Hypotheses ADDL disrupts LTP?
Channel Hypotheses A-type, D-type Channels involved in LTP
SNP Variations between mouse and human strains Genes/SNPs involved??
Gene Regulation Knowledge Enzymes/Gene networks involved in INFG regulation?