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The Webby Awards has commissioned artists, film makers, and writers to help celebrate both the past and future of the Web on its 25th anniversary. Join us here as we feature 25 projects leading up to The Webby Awards ceremony. Watch all the Webby highlights including our salute to the Web on May 20 at

Happy Birthday Web

The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur, Dave Rubin and other commentators from The Young Turks revisit coverage of the Web and Internet to give special thanks to these revolutionary technologies. More ›

The Global Rich List

Global Rich List is an interactive project created by agency Poke London to draw attention to the distorted view of wealth in the Western world. Visitors enter their income with expectations that are… More ›

The FCC Wishes The World Wide Web A Happy 25th Birthday

Funny or Die

In honor of the World Wide Web’s 25th birthday, we here at the FCC are happy to celebrate our support of service providers such as Comcast and Time-Warner. Let’s not let “net… More ›

The Web in Alphabetical Order

Daniel Temkin, Interactive Artist

The Web in Alphabetical Order According to ICANN, .COM domains were intended for business, .ORG for nonprofit, and .NET for internet providers and “Web Portals.” Internet Directory is a… More ›

The Invention of The Emoticon

The Webby Awards More ›

With the invention of the Web came an influx of written correspondence. And, as anyone who has tried to convey sarcasm online can attest, tone can easily get lost between the lines of an email.… More ›

Free Rice and Crowdsourcing Social Change

Free Rice

The Web is an invention that has given us infinite possibilities to connect with one another and collectively work toward social change. With that in mind, the founders of launched… More ›


Ryoichi Kurokawa

ground.alt was created by visual artist, Ryoichi Kurokawa using digital reconstructions of images and audio recorded by journalist and filmmaker Daniel Demoustier over the last dozen years in the… More ›

What is the Web?


“How is the World Wide Web different from the Internet? Does it matter? And why does thinking about the web as an ‘ocean’ make so much sense?” Michael Stevens is the creator… More ›

Banner Art

Banner ads have been an important part of the internet and its expansion, but nowadays people ignore and even wants to block them by using “ad blocking” programs. To celebrate the 25th… More ›

The First Web, and Beyond

Santiago Ortiz, Data Scientist

Web Crawlers A Web crawler is a bot that, starting with a list of one or more Websites (seed), downloads them and adds all their links to the same list, and continues downloading and adding links,… More ›

They Say Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The Webby Awards More ›

They say necessity is the mother of invention… The first webcam was invented to monitor the coffee pot that fueled the all-night hacking sessions taking place at Cambridge University.  More ›

The First Kickstarter Project

More ›

Before crowdfunding was officially “a thing,” this project was fully backed for $35 on May 3, 2009 — the first successful Kickstarter ever. In a few short years, the platform has led the… More ›

#TWWAF - That Which We All Fear

Tim Nolan, Artist

A sensory deprivation cinema experiment. This site explores the way in which we as people physically interact with different types of film. Specifically those reactions that include scenes of horror.… More ›

The Innovators

Walter Isaacson, Author More ›

An exclusive unpublished excerpt from Walter Isaacson’s book The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution. Available October 7, 2014. As… More ›

25 Years of Memes

Channel Frederator

The Internet is ushering in a new golden age of animation and the sharability of GIFs and memes is helping it along. Unfathomable in an age without the Internet, the GIF is a new form of communication… More ›

Unlooping Film

Giselle Beiguelman, Artist

Unlooping Film approaches the ambivalences of the World Wide Web as a space toward which all multitudes and masses flow, revealing the most extreme discourses in the contemporary political scope. We… More ›

This Is for Everyone

Paola Antonelli / Michelle Fisher, Museum of Modern Art, New York

For a recent curatorial experiment on the website of The Museum of Modern Art, my colleagues Jamer Hunt, Michelle Fisher, and Kate Carmody and I have been tracking the ways in which design intersects… More ›

Announcing The Webbys 25 for 25

David-Michel Davies, Executive Director

I remember the first time I saw the World Wide Web like it was ten minutes ago. Two pages into, I knew instantly that the world was different, and not because I was so prescient or… More ›

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