Unlooping Film

Giselle Beiguelman, Artist http://www.desvirtual.com

Unlooping Film approaches the ambivalences of the World Wide Web as a space toward which all multitudes and masses flow, revealing the most extreme discourses in the contemporary political scope.

We depart from hashtags which are used by groups with radically different ideological aspirations, such as homophobia, terrorism, World Cup, among others. Hashtags are used as a way of searching subjects on many social media databases, including Instagram.

The result is an endless slideshow that, in its contradictions, states the battle of language for visibility as one of the tightest political themes of our time.

Less idealized than we would like it, more pulsing and desirable than others would expect, are that the series generated within Unlooping Film compose a patchwork of disputes, either astonishing, or stimulating, through the informational, transnational and local territory that flows through the World Wide Web.

The installation version will be presented in the Multitude exhibition opening, at Sesc Pompeia, on May 29.

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