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Ensuring that the Web remains open, accessible and interoperable for everyone around the world is a mission that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) takes to heart every day. While some of the technical work we do receives funding from Member organizations, we are only able to achieve Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of leading the Web to its full potential through the generosity of contributions and sponsorships from individuals and organizations. Your donation enables W3C to expand its work program, improve its infrastructure, and enable more people to participate in building the open Web.

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Donate to the World Wide Web Foundation

Please support the Web Foundation’s Web We Want campaign through a donation. Your contribution will help local groups in countries ranging from Kenya to Bangladesh to fight for the rights to privacy, freedom of expression and internet access.  Donations will go towards the Web We Want’s solidarity programme which gives quick, targeted support to help activists respond to urgent threats, and which also promotes longer-term skills exchange and fellowships to build the core capacity of digital rights campaigners.

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