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To positively respond to an existing need and as recommended by the W3C Advisory Board in its May 2018 meeting, we invite you once again to support Invited Experts who participate actively in W3C groups and who request financial support to attend TPAC. We hope all attendees recognize the value of supporting IEs and will agree to a nominal 5% fee addition to the above rates, however there is the ability to opt out.

Dates and schedule

W3C TPAC Fukuoka 2019 will take place from 2019-09-16 till 2019-09-20 in Fukuoka city, Japan.

  • Group Meetings
  • Group Meetings
  • AC Meeting (PM) (1)
  • AC Dinner (1)
  • Technical Plenary
  • TP Reception
  • Group Meetings
  • AC Meeting (PM) (1)
  • Group Meetings

(1) With respect to the Process Document limitation of one representative per Member, the Chair has decided to allow Members to send two representatives when the second has been designated as an alternate. See instructions for appointing an alternate if your organization has not yet appointed an Alternate AC Rep.

Please check the full schedule.

Meeting 2019-09-16 2019-09-17 2019-09-18 2019-09-19 2019-09-20
Accessibility Guidelines WG
Accessible Platform Architectures WG
Accessible Rich Internet Applications WG
Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Representation (AI KR) CG
Audio CG
Audio WG
Browser Testing and Tools WG
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) WG
Chinese Web IG
Color on the Web CG
Decentralized Identifiers (DID) WG
Devices and Sensors WG
Editing Task Force
Houdini TF
HTTPS in Local Network CG
Immersive Web WG
Internationalization WG
Linked Building Data CG
Machine Learning for the Web CG
Maps for HTML CG
Media and Entertainment IG
Media WG
Privacy IG
Publishing BG
Publishing WG
Second Screen WG/CG
Service Workers WG
Silver TF
Technical Architecture Group (TAG)
Timed Text WG
Touch Events CG
Web and Networks IG
Web Application Security WG
Web Applications WG
Web Authentication WG
Web Bluetooth CG
Web Components Meeting
Web Incubation CG
Web of Things WG/IG
Web Payment Security IG
Web Payments WG
Web Performance WG
Web Real-Time Communications WG
Web-based Signage BG

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