Participation policies and recommendations

Before you register to attend a meeting, please read the below participation policies and recommendations, intended to promote participation while ensuring that meeting Chairs have the tools necessary to run their meetings effectively.

W3C meetings operate under the Principles and Procedures of our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


Working, Interest, Business and Community Group meetings

To be eligible to register and attend, you must be one of the following:

Community Groups: Community Groups will be able to hold a 2-hour meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (up to 4 groups each day). Outside of their Community Group meetings, non-W3C-Member CG participants may attend as observers the Working and Interest groups meetings who accept observers.

Outside of their Community Group meetings, non W3C-Member CG participants may attend as Observers in the Working and Interest groups meetings that permit Observers.

Observer and Guest Attendance: Eligible participants may request to attend as an Observer via the registration form. Observing is at the Chair's discretion, and is based on: space considerations, confidentiality, and the ability to conduct the business of the group. Please contact the Group Chair (see Chair contact information). Observer and Guest seating is limited and usually organized as "secondary seating without power" around the perimeter of the room.

Note: We advise you to secure permission to attend a meeting as an Observer before making any travel plans.


Plenary day

Participants in a W3C Working, Interest, Business or Community Group, Advisory Committee Representatives, the TAG, the Advisory Board, W3C Offices Staff, Team and Guests are invited to participate in the Plenary Day on Wednesday.

Unconference/breakout is the preferred format of the Technical Plenary Day.

The technical plenary (unconference) day is an opportunity for everyone to propose, choose, and participate in sessions on a wide variety of topics relating to W3C activities. It is a chance to contribute to discussions and connect with people working on ideas that may not fall within the usual areas of activity.


Advisory Committee sessions and dinner

To be eligible to register and attend the Tuesday and Thursday Advisory Committee Sessions and dinner, you must be one of the following:


Remote participation

Working, Interest and Business Groups may request access for remote participants. We plan to use MIT's WebEx system for remote participation.

If you plan to attend the Advisory Committee Meeting remotely, please let us know on, so we can mail instructions a few days prior to the meeting.



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