Publishing Working Group Telecon — Minutes

Date: 17 June 2019

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: Wendy Reid, Dave Cramer, Deborah Kaplan, Rachel Comerford, Gregorio Pellegrino, Benjamin Young, Charles LaPierre, Garth Conboy, Bill Kasdorf, George Kerscher, Marisa DeMeglio, Luc Audrain, Laurent Le Meur, Brady Duga, Jun Gamou

Regrets: Tzviya Siegman, Geoff Jukes, Nick Ruffilo, Ivan Herman, Franco Alvarado, David Stroup, Romain Deltour


Chair: Wendy Reid

Scribe(s): Dave Cramer


Wendy Reid: we might have a short meeting; we were going to talk about UCR issues and Franco is gone

Wendy Reid:

Wendy Reid: last weeks minutes need approving

Wendy Reid:

Wendy Reid: there they are :)
… minutes approved
… since we don’t have Franco or Josh, I’m going to switch agendas, and talk about audiobooks
… the application was put in last week for FPWD of audiobooks

Wendy Reid:

Wendy Reid: and we still have some open issues, so let’s look at those

1. Issue #408: Should there be a TOC if supplemental materials are provided in an audio book?

Wendy Reid:

Wendy Reid: should we require a toc if there’s supplemental material in the audiobook?
… or so we create a bunch of rel values

Laurent Le Meur: I’m in favor of closing this issue, and that we will rely on @rel

Wendy Reid: we’d have to create those rel values, right?

Laurent Le Meur: we need to know which values would be useful

George Kerscher: I don’t have a problem with @rel
… was the proposal to require a TOC?

Wendy Reid: the proposal was to require toc if there was supplemental material

George Kerscher: that’s ok. We do need more work on TOC.
… toc should be a should :)

Proposed resolution: Close #408, supplemental content will be identified in the manifest with rel values, and TOCs will be a SHOULD in the spec - best practices to follow (Wendy Reid)

Wendy Reid: here’s the proposal ^

Laurent Le Meur: +1

Luc Audrain: +1

George Kerscher: +1

Marisa DeMeglio: +1

Rachel Comerford: +1

Charles LaPierre: +1

Bill Kasdorf: +1

Resolution #1: Close #408, supplemental content will be identified in the manifest with rel values, and TOCs will be a SHOULD in the spec - best practices to follow

Luc Audrain: there is an issue about rel values which need to be discussed later
… and we need rel for cover

Wendy Reid: we’ll address that as we see what’s needed

2. #308: Alternate formats or bitrate for an audiobook

Wendy Reid:

Wendy Reid: the question of alternate formats and bitrates
… we don’t want to mandate media types
… but we still have a question of bitrates
… the audioobject does have a bitrate value, as does mediaobject
… so audioobject could contain more than one bitrate
… do we want to allow this?

Laurent Le Meur: the structure allows one audioobject that contains other audioobjects
… but there is no rel value
… we could say in v1 of audiobooks we don’t allow this
… and we open it up later if the publishing industry needs this
… we have already done this in readium

Wendy Reid: I do like the idea of keeping v1 simple
… and I’m not wild about more @rel values

Brady Duga: I think we should put it off until the next version
… we shouldn’t add it unless someone says they really need it

Wendy Reid: I agree

George Kerscher: I agree, but I recognize that in places like developing countries, having an alternative bitrate that’s easier to stream is desirable
… but we need to get this off the ground first

Wendy Reid: you could do 2 audiobooks

Laurent Le Meur: if we postpone this, we know there is a solution that doesn’t wreck the structure.
… so it’s easy to defer until later.

Proposed resolution: Close #308 - Postpone inclusion of alternative modalities to a future version of audiobooks, look for feedback on implementation of v1 (Wendy Reid)

Dave Cramer: +1

Bill Kasdorf: +1

Luc Audrain: +1

Brady Duga: +1

Laurent Le Meur: +1

Garth Conboy: +1

George Kerscher: Is modality the right word?

Wendy Reid: it was a way to say alternative formats and bitrates

George Kerscher: +1

Resolution #2: Close #308 - Postpone inclusion of alternative formats and bitrates to a future version of audiobooks, look for feedback on implementation of v1

Wendy Reid: RAPTORS RULE!!!!!!!

3. #417: TAG review of Audiobooks, RSS


Wendy Reid: the TAG and Tess was asking about RSS
… it’s a good question… it’s not a bad idea for audiobooks
… it works well for podcasts
… the best argument I have for not including it is that publishers won’t do it
… but that’s not a great answer
… Tess and I are still talking
… but we’re not using it in our spec
… and we’re still talking to the TAG


Wendy Reid: TPAC early bird registration closes on June 21

Wendy Reid:

Wendy Reid: sadly I won’t be in Fukuoka, but I will call in

Charles LaPierre: there’s a small issue with registering at the hotel if you don’t pick the default dates
… the price doubles; they’re looking into fixing that
… go Raptors!

Wendy Reid: our meeting is Monday/Tuesday; the BG meeting happens Thursday, the plenary/unconference day is Wednesday
… next week we’ll talk about UCR
… and enjoy the rest of your day

zakim: bye

5. Resolutions