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Action Items Pending Review

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Overdue action items

There are 10 overdue actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-47 (edit) open Produce a proposal for addressing wayne's "comment 9" - allowing appeal where the director's decision isn't the same as the proposal sent for review. Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile 2015-03-24
ACTION-48 (edit) open Make a proposal to allow dropping unstable features and to provide for versioning Steve Zilles 2015-09-15 Process Document
ACTION-49 (edit) open Develop Stability Indicators and Labelling Steve Zilles 2015-09-15 Process Document
ACTION-50 (edit) open Check with css is essentially implementing 6.7.1. Steve Zilles 2015-11-16
ACTION-51 (edit) open Will propose a requirement on member based orgs whose members are orgs - to review docs they are participating in and disclose any ipr that would be essential. also to ensure that the actual participant has ie level disclosure requirement. Steve Zilles 2015-11-16
ACTION-52 (edit) open Ask wendy to respond on the issue Jeff Jaffe 2019-05-29
ACTION-53 (edit) open Send summaries to archived list Jeff Jaffe 2019-07-31
ACTION-54 (edit) open Re-read chapter 6 of process to better understand proposal for delta David Singer 2019-07-31
ACTION-55 (edit) open Send out cfc on process document David Singer 2020-02-19
ACTION-56 (edit) open Send warning about potential weekly calls in march David Singer 2020-02-19

Action items due next week

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Issues discussed over the last week

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Raised Issues

There are 30 raised issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-1 (edit)
RAISED Member only mailing lists and meetings for technical discussion 2011-11-15 Communication 0
ISSUE-5 (edit)
what to reference
RAISED What guidance to give about referring to W3C specifications 2012-03-19 Communication 0
ISSUE-36 (edit) RAISED Should the waiting period required by the Patent Policy be changed? 2013-07-08 Patent Policy 0
ISSUE-94 (edit)
Declined transition announcements
RAISED Who should be informed when a transition is declined, and of what? 2014-04-23 Document life cycle (pre 2014 chapter 7, now chapter 6) 0
ISSUE-104 (edit)
RAISED AB should conduct all non-sensitive e-mail on a Public or Member list 2014-07-08 Advisory Board 0
ISSUE-106 (edit)
RAISED The graveyard of /TR 2014-08-08 Process Document 0
ISSUE-107 (edit)
RAISED Need a CC0 or CC-by license 2014-08-08 Publication Rules (aka PubRules) 0
ISSUE-125 (edit)
RAISED Comments for Normative Reference Policy should be transparent 2014-09-08 Normative Reference Policy 0
ISSUE-126 (edit)
RAISED Automatic WD publishing tool may change the W3C center of gravity around WGs 2014-09-10 Process Document 0
ISSUE-127 (edit)
Horizontal Group Input
RAISED Can we improve input from 'horizontal' groups (WAI, I18N, ...) 2014-09-13 Process Document 0
ISSUE-130 (edit)
BG CG process
RAISED Should the Process define Business and Community Groups? 2014-09-14 Process Document 0
ISSUE-136 (edit)
Public input
RAISED Does process adequately cater for public input? 2014-09-15 Process Document 0
ISSUE-139 (edit)
non-members in member submission
RAISED What are the rights and obligations of non-member participants in the creation of a member submission? 2014-09-18 Process Document 0
ISSUE-147 (edit)
RAISED Put the CEPC document in a system that facilitates change requests and evolution of the document 2014-11-05 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 0
ISSUE-149 (edit)
RAISED Are there things the director should not be able to delegate? 2014-11-26 Process Document 0
ISSUE-153 (edit)
Draft CG Text for Guide
RAISED Draft a new section of the Chair's Guide to cover Coordination among Groups 2015-01-13 Chair's Guide 0
ISSUE-155 (edit)
Errata Access in RECs
RAISED Errata access from TR page 2015-02-07 Process Document 0
ISSUE-156 (edit)
Errata vs REC track process
RAISED Do we need separate Errata and REC Track Processes? 2015-02-08 Process Document 0
ISSUE-160 (edit)
Dismissal without cause
RAISED Director can dismis a AB or TAG participant without giving a cause? 2015-04-09 Process Document 0
ISSUE-161 (edit)
Voting Rules in Charter
RAISED Sections 3.4 and 6.2.6 have different statements about Voting rules in a Charter 2015-04-09 Process Document 0
ISSUE-163 (edit)
consortium membership
RAISED How should consortia which are members of W3C nominate representatives and commit IPR? 2015-05-06 Process Document 0
ISSUE-173 (edit)
Affiliate Memberships
RAISED Affiliate Memberships are undefined in the Process Document 2016-10-10 Process Document 0
ISSUE-175 (edit)
multiple hats?
RAISED Can a group member represent more than one organisation? 2016-11-07 Process Document 0
ISSUE-176 (edit)
RAISED Substantive changes undefined for Charter and Process reviews 2016-12-16 Process Document 0
ISSUE-177 (edit)
RAISED Editorial changes often called "minor changes" 2016-12-20 Process Document 0
ISSUE-178 (edit)
RAISED Add CEPC in the Process Document 2017-02-17 Process Document 0
ISSUE-179 (edit)
RAISED Should we have a nomination committee seeking candidates for the AB and TAG? 2017-02-22 Process Document 0
ISSUE-180 (edit)
implementation experience
RAISED "Implementation experience" description should clearly identify likelihood of broad acceptance 2017-02-22 Process Document 0
ISSUE-181 (edit)
RAISED A sentence was removed in the AC meeting and it, or something like it, should be put back 2017-02-23 Process Document 0
ISSUE-182 (edit)
RAISED Process2014 introduced an AC ballot for CR transitions and now we have a ballot open for a year 2017-02-23 Process Document 0

Pending Review Issues

The following issues are candidate for closing.

There are 2 pending review issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-73 (edit)
PENDING REVIEW Pub Rules' rules, maintenance, evolution, etc. should be transparent and Public 2013-12-06 Publication Rules (aka PubRules) 0
ISSUE-102 (edit)
Notes aren't RF
PENDING REVIEW Clarify in maturity levels that RF commitments only apply to REC. 2014-06-18 Document life cycle (pre 2014 chapter 7, now chapter 6) 0

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