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ACTION-47 (edit) open Produce a proposal for addressing wayne's "comment 9" - allowing appeal where the director's decision isn't the same as the proposal sent for review. Charles McCathie Nevile 2015-03-24
ACTION-48 (edit) open Make a proposal to allow dropping unstable features and to provide for versioning Steve Zilles 2015-09-15 Process Document
ACTION-49 (edit) open Develop Stability Indicators and Labelling Steve Zilles 2015-09-15 Process Document
ACTION-50 (edit) open Check with css is essentially implementing 6.7.1. Steve Zilles 2015-11-16
ACTION-51 (edit) open Will propose a requirement on member based orgs whose members are orgs - to review docs they are participating in and disclose any ipr that would be essential. also to ensure that the actual participant has ie level disclosure requirement. Steve Zilles 2015-11-16

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