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Interesting Responsive Images workaround

A colleague of mine, Ian Devlin, put this up yesterday. I’ve had a small play with it and forked it to add some caching. It seems like a pretty good workaround (note, I don’t say solution!).

I’m sure he’d be glad of some community feedback on it. I haven’t really had the time to poke holes in it fully yet, but I like what it does. His article explains in depth what he is doing but in synopsis, he is creating the img source from a php script which can also take arguments for height, width, crop and scale. Tied in with Scott Jehl’s picturefill script, it works very dynamically and seems very responsive.

All thoughts and comments greatly appreciated.

2 Responses to Interesting Responsive Images workaround

  • I’m sure there are a number of things wrong with it and things that people don’t like (e.g. it needs a PHP server!) but I think that it’s a useful solution for certain issues that we encounter with responsive images at the moment.


  • Hi Ian, I’m so close to thinking what you’re thinking. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to get it to work on a server; but more importantly, the parameter at the end of the jpeg should become a standard so browsers can recognize it. Read more about standardizing the parameter at side dish to the RespImg Syntax.


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