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Ontology-Lexicon Community Group

This is the Wiki for the Ontology-lexicon community group, which developed and maintains a model for representing lexical information relative to ontologies (OntoLex-Lemon), as well as various OntoLex modules to address special needs not covered by the OntoLex-Lemon core model.


  • prior and until 2011: development of lemon, the direct predecessor of OntoLex-Lemon, a vocabulary for publishing lexical data to complement knowledge graphs and ontologies
  • prior and until 2011: development of Lexinfo 1.0, a companion vocabulary to Lemon, that provides linguistic data and metadata categories
  • 2011: formation of the W3C Community Group Ontology-Lexica and transfer of Lemon and Lexinfo maintenance to the community group
  • 2011-2016: development of the OntoLex-Lemon, the core vocabulary, four additional modules and Lexinfo 2.0, original wiki documentation from that time can be found under OntoLex 2016 minutes, the original sources reside on GitHub
  • 2016: publication of OntoLex-Lemon as a W3C Community Report
  • since 2016: wide adaptation of OntoLex as a community standard for machine-readable dictionaries on the web, with or without accompanying ontology
  • 2016-2019: development of OntoLex-Lexicog, the OntoLex module for lexicography, see here for their original documentation
  • 2019: publication of OntoLex-Lexicog as a W3C Community Report
  • 2020: publication of Lexinfo 3.0
  • since 2018: development of OntoLex-Morph, the OntoLex module for morphology
  • since 2018: development of OntoLex-FrAC, the OntoLex module for frequency, attestation and corpus-based information
  • since 2020: discussions on the representation of multimodal data and sign languages within OntoLex
  • in preparation: discussions about a suggested OntoLex module for terminology

Goals, scope and mission

A descriptions of the original goals, scope and mission of the community group can be found here: Goals and Scope of Ontology-Lexica Community Group, also cf. the original Specification of Requirements

OntoLex Modules

  • OntoLex-Lemon: core module, published as W3C Community Group Report (2016).
  • OntoLex-SynSem: OntoLex module for Syntax and Semantics, part of the W3C Community Report (2016).
  • OntoLex-Decomp: OntoLex module for Decomposition, part of the W3C Community Report (2016).
  • OntoLex-VarTrans: OntoLex module for Variation and Translation, part of the W3C Community Report (2016).
  • OntoLex-LiMe: OntoLex module for Linguistic Metadata, part of the W3C Community Report (2016).
  • OntoLex-Lexicog: OntoLex module for Lexicography, published as W3C Community Group Report (2019). (See its wiki page for a log of the discussed issues).
  • OntoLex-Morph: emerging OntoLex module for Morphology, see their wiki page for pointers and current status
  • OntoLex-FrAC: emerging OntoLex module for Frequency, Attestation and Corpus-Based Information, see their wiki page for pointers and current status
  • LexInfo: companion vocabulary for linguistic description, maintained [ via GitHub].

Note that since 2018, OntoLex modules are being developed in parallel and in independent telco series, coordinated and announced via the OntoLex mailing list, but with their own conventions on archiving, documentation and sharing drafts (as documented on their wiki pages).

Suggested extensions

Phenomena for which extensions are possible or have been suggested but which are not currently pursued in designated telco series.

Selected Events

3rd Ontolex Workshop @ LDK 2021

W3c community day @ LDK2023