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Actions required for contributors: join the group and watch the repository

(the content below was also sent as an email to everyone who showed interest in the design tokens community group and posted as a GitHub issue)


You’re receiving this message because you’ve shown an interest in the Design Tokens W3C Community Group.
Its goal is to provide standards upon which products and design tools can rely for sharing stylistic pieces of a design system at scale.

To make substantive contributions to specifications, you must either join the Design Tokens W3C Community Group or make a non-member patent licensing commitment.

[Action required 1]
Join the community group (it’s free, and doesn’t require a W3C membership).

[Action required 2]
Watch the repository to be notified of all conversations:

  1. Go to design-tokens/community-group
  2. In the top right-hand corner (on large screens), click “Watch”
  3. Select the “Watching” option

As per the group’s charter, contributions happen in GitHub and can be made in the form of pull requests, issues, or comments:

Community Group participants agree to make all contributions in the GitHub repo the group is using for the particular document. This may be in the form of a pull request (preferred), by raising an issue, or by adding a comment to an existing issue.

All documents in the repository are licensed by contributors under the W3C Document License.

For more information, read the full charter .

Please also read the code of conduct . It will be enforced with a zero-tolerance policy to ensure the community group is an open and welcoming environment.

Next steps (choosing a chair and specification editors, workshops, meet-and-greet) will be communicated soon on the GitHub repository.

If you have any questions about this process and the community group, please ask it publicly in the dedicated GitHub issue or get in touch with me directly:

Thank you!

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent, Co-chair

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