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This is a simple page of WordPress. This simple page is another thing than a blog post as it may be shown in the most themes of websites and it will stay there. The first advice is to start the construction of your website with an About section for the Wedding, I know most of the visitors will know what you talk about. For instance:

Hello guys! I am in Wedding provider in Italy and I love photography, musician by night and here I’ll talk about myself. I live in Italy, I have a cat named Nerino and I like all the soft drinks.

…here’s another example:

The XZY Photography marriage Business was created in 1965 and is providing high quality events’ till now. Based in Milan, we give work to more than 20 people and helps all the city.

You should erase this page and create your own website, go boys!

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Wedding Page


  • Matrimonio – Website with a wedding guide in Italian. The guide is divided in 8 sections and it talks about what documents are required to get married in Italy, the full organization of every detail and vendor of the ceremony and party and much more.
  • Wedding Planner Italy – This is a section of Noemi Website, talking about the wedding all over Italy (not talking about a specific destination), but talking about Italy with its beautiful scenarios.
  • Wedding Planner Venice – This is the section of Noemi’s site that talks about the wedding in one of the unique Italian destinations, visited yearly from millions of people from all around the globe, Venice. In the page there are also some Frequent asked questions about the wedding in Venice and its planning and organizing schedule.
  • Wedding Planner Verona – This is Noemi’s site section talking about the wedding in the city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona. In this page you may also read some FAQs which reply to most of the questions asked by the future couples.
  • Le Foto di Licia – This is an Italian photographer’s website, she is specialized in weddings and family shooting. The website has a section on visual experiments and a blog where you can read some info about the photo shootings Licia did in 2016.


The agency of Noemi is an agency who takes totally care of the planning of such as important event as your wedding. Noemi can find the best providers for your unique wedding and selects them to get the best product.

The Villa is located in one of the most wonderful cities in Italy: Venice. This city is the city where most of the weddings are organized. This location is an historical area, along with all the wonderful islands that this city is surrounded by.
From the location, the couple has the possibility to see San Marco and all the lagoon.
This location has also a wonderful garden, with a possibility to have the Italian wedding ceremony in there.



Regarding the service of Noemi, having a professional who helps you with your Italian wedding ceremony and party is a true help.
Noemi designs, assists the bride from the beginning, plans the wedding and makes sure you do everything with the minor stress and maximum relief. Your event is so significant that she provides a specific tailor made service for every couple, and every time the service may be completely changed based on your needs.
Noemi is a planner that organized weddings in every faith or ceremony, from the religious multi cultural to the civil or symbolic wedding.

Noemi provides many services, all useful and greatly delivered for the best of the couple. Noemi doesn’t handle the decorations of your wonderful Italian wedding in Venice, Padua, Rome, Naples and Florence, but she finds and gives you the numbers and names of the best professionals of every type and color. Florists, decorations, make up artist, hair dressers. Everything will be found to take care of every detail.


Noemi is available 24h per day for her clients, so any question will be asked will have a reply. Noemi is a counselor that provides her full experience for the gain of every bride and groom who relies on her preparation.
Regarding the venue, Noemi worked with many locations over the years but is opened to any new place if the couple needs one that she has never worked with ’till now.
No stress allowed, Noemi will handle it all and every detail will be taken care of, no doubts or problems as every event she sets is a total success.

Noemi does a wedding planning service that does all the big work. Every decision regarding the budget and services will be taken from the couple, but Noemi will do all the hard work making sure you get the best price and best service ever gotten.
After the full search, Noemi will organize a tour with you to the best 3 locations in list and will take a look with you so you can ask the vendor any further detail. No hidden surprises or costs.


Every wedding Noemi creates is wonderful, breathtaking, emotional and sensitive, as the couple who gets married.
This Italian wedding planner makes your dreams come true, through hard work and true reliability so you can trust a professional full of experience. She executes what you tell her to do, no problems or stress.
The planner always keeps updated, creating weddings she never thought of and you never dreamed before.

Noemi Wedding provides a tailor made service perfect for every kind of public, from the luxury wedding to the low cost wedding, from the elegant style to the Eco chic. Any service you are looking for, Noemi will do her best to provide it.

You can read More info on the Italian guidelines in W3C.


Licia Photos takes picture of your amazing wedding focusing on the best element: you. Licia is a talented photographer who graduated from the art school and attended many photo courses. Licia takes an image of every detail needed to create a wonderful wedding album, making sure every frame gets captured.

She offers a lot of tailor made services such as full day pictures (from the preparation at the groom’s and bride’s house to the party), an album totally tailor made and done as you wish to. She can also provide an assistant to get the second view point shooting. She can also prepare a photo booth corner where all the guests will get funny pictures by themselves.


Another wonderful service provide is the engagement photo shooting, done by Licia before the wedding day.

The photo business of Licia is based in Florence, and she uses the style every Italian couple would like to receive. She focuses on the subjects and she provides a wonderful wedding shooting before or the wedding day, using the best cameras and shooting devices in Italy.

The story telling Licia does is full of emphasis, emotions and a lot of colors. The memories of your special day will be forever captured, with all the feelings inside.