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Natural Language Technology and Public Opinion Polling

Web-based opinion polls can be enhanced by natural language processing technology. Uses of natural language technology include processing text-based responses to the questions of opinion polls, surveys or questionnaires, including why people answered one or more previous questions as they … Continue reading

The Technology of Meetings, Lectures, Discussion Panels, Dialogues, Argumentation and Debates

The technology of meetings, lectures, discussion panels, dialogues, argumentation and debates are of interest to our group. Some topics in the overlap of artificial intelligence with meetings support technology are discussed, meetings occurring in all organizations, in all sectors, academia, … Continue reading

The Styling of Content and Mathematical Notations by Semantics-based CSS Selectors

Semantics enhances the selection and styling of content; varieties of semantic selection include: (1) selecting upon URI items in white space separated lists of TERMorCURIEorAbsIRI values, (2) selecting upon parallel markup structure and reference combinators, and (3) graph-based selections with … Continue reading

XML/RDF Hybrid Documents

Documents can align XML, tree-based, document content with graph-based semantics, RDF semantics.  Use case scenarios include: argumentation formats, linguistic and semantic annotations, rhetorical structure, SSML and XHTML documents.  In SSML contexts, such data can facilitate enhanced prosodic speech synthesis.  In XHTML scenarios, many … Continue reading

XML Relational Algebra: Client-side Relational Algebra on Tree-based Data

XML-based relational algebra, a subset of XSLT functionality, can enhance numerous digital document scenarios including those of argumentation formats. XML-based relational algebra (e.g. from, select, where, selectmany, sum, min, max, average, aggregate, join, groupjoin, take, takewhile, skip, skipwhile, oftype, concat, … Continue reading

XML Preprocessing: XSLT, Web Components, Tree Rewriting, Data Compression, Search, Automated Planning and Scheduling, Generative Grammar and Rhetorical Structure

Argumentation formats can be enhanced by XML-based computation, XML preprocessing. The topics overlap with those of XSLT, Web Components, tree or graph rewriting, data compression, search, automated planning and scheduling, generative grammar and rhetorical structure. XML varieties of preprocessing, include, … Continue reading

The Web, notes and civic participation

In addition to the Internet-enhanced desktop applications for questionnaires, surveys and opinion polling, productivity software topics are applicable to civics and civic participation and can convenience rational individual decision making and group decision making including voting. Understanding civics and civic … Continue reading

Digital forms, questionnaires, surveys and opinion polls

In addition to the topics of e-voting, broader pertinent topics include: group decision making, digital forms, questionnaires, their construction, surveys, related data collection and opinion polls. Some technological topics include the design of forms, questionnaires, surveys and opinion polls, existing … Continue reading