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Santa Clara Face To Face Summary

Thanks to all who came to the W3C Automotive Business Group’s third face to face in Santa Clara on March 17th and 18th. It was a well attended, productive meeting with over 20 participants from Access, Continental, Daimler, Elektrobit, GM, Google, Intel, JARI, KDDI, LG, OBIGO, OpenCar, Openstream, Pandora, PSA, QNX and W3C. There was very good discussion (and action items) around the maturing vehicle information specification and group direction as well as some excellent presentations by W3C staff, KDDI, OBIGO, Elektrobit, and Continental.

Here are the highlights:

  • Presentations
  • Vehicle Information Specification
    • Action item list to spec completion
      • Split spec into two docs: one for interfaces that will not change (durable) such as the VehicleInterface (getting/setting data) and one for data interfaces that are likely to come, go and/or change
      • Add better handling, at a global level, for units of measure/localization
      • Add better facility for extensibility of data interfaces
      • Add facility for availability/capability
      • Address interface grouping/categories
      • Address location – which specs to reference?
      • Address get history
      • Fill out supported use cases
      • Address relationship to visual data if appropriate – What to reference?
      • Address additional specs to be referenced as appropriate
      • Move sections from guidelines to specs
        • Overview
        • Security section reference. see KDDI presentation too
    • Continuation/formalization of Vehicle Information Task Force (small group that has been working on spec)
    • Vehicle Information Task Force to complete spec by May 23
  • Group Direction
    • Timeline laid out to potentially create an automotive working group by October 2014
    • Potential Task Force Groups
      • Multimedia in vehicle
      • Navigation
      • Speech and Multi-modal
      • Security
      • Containerization and off-line storage – managing in a secure way
  • Next face to face will be on May 23 in conjunction with the GENIVI All Member Meeting

Immediate action items for the group are as follows:

  • Create timeline, actions and assignments for Vehicle Information Spec completion. ***Please let us know if you are interested in participating. We will start moving forward starting early next week.***
  •  Form task forces. ***Please let us know if you would like to form and lead a task force.***
  • Set up next face to face at GENIVI AMM on May 23. ***Please let us know if you can attend.***

Thanks again to everyone who attended.

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