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Community & Business Groups

Software Analysis, Automated Theorem Proving, Plan and Argument Analysis

The technology of static program analysis, automated theorem proving, computer algebra systems, formula editors, automated planning and scheduling, plan rationale, argumentation software, argument analysis software,¬†related document authoring and editing software as well as the features and¬†ergonomics of such software are … Continue reading

The Technology of Meetings, Lectures, Discussion Panels, Dialogues, Argumentation and Debates

The technology of meetings, lectures, discussion panels, dialogues, argumentation and debates are of interest to our group. Some topics in the overlap of artificial intelligence with meetings support technology are discussed, meetings occurring in all organizations, in all sectors, academia, … Continue reading

Argumentation Formats

Our group discusses all argumentation formats, use cases and standardization topics to enhance each existing format as well as potential new formats. Kinds of argumentation of interest to our group include: conversational, mathematical, scientific, interpretive, legal and political. A list … Continue reading