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Natural Language Technology and Public Opinion Polling

Web-based opinion polls can be enhanced by natural language processing technology. Uses of natural language technology include processing text-based responses to the questions of opinion polls, surveys or questionnaires, including why people answered one or more previous questions as they did, using natural language to, for instance, explain their reasoning. Uses of forms enhanced with natural language user input capabilities include team scenarios, collaborative software, i.e. business software, as well as public opinion polling.

Websites or apps could make use of forms enhanced with text-based user input elements, forms enhanced by natural language technology. En route to client-side natural language technology, cloud-based technologies could provide such services.

In addition to processing bulk quantities of completed opinion polls, surveys or questionnaires, where multi-document processing could enhance the results of such processing, possible services include determining whether a natural language processing service can parse text-based user input elements’ text contents, in the elements’ contexts, while the user is typing, while the user in on a page, or before they conclude a multipage form.

Dialogue systems technology can provide users with, beyond text-based forms, the convenience of spoken language opinion polls, surveys or questionnaires. Natural language technology can also enhance the design of opinion polls, surveys or questionnaires, processing the text of sequences of or flowcharts of questions.


Siri, Google Now, Cortana

Project Oxford (LUIS), IBM Watson, SkyPhrase, Semantria, Wolfram Alpha

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