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Software Analysis, Automated Theorem Proving, Plan and Argument Analysis

The technology of static program analysis, automated theorem proving, computer algebra systems, formula editors, automated planning and scheduling, plan rationale, argumentation software, argument analysis software, related document authoring and editing software as well as the features and ergonomics of such software are of interest to our group.

Towards software or software plugins that can provide argumentation-related features, broadly, some links are provided including to web-based mathematics and planning domain authoring and editing software.

See Also

Static Program Analysis, Automated Theorem Proving, Computer Algebra System,
Formula Editor, Automated Planning and Scheduling, Planning Domain Definition Language, Argument Map


Static Program Analysis
List of Tools for Static Code Analysis

Automated Theorem Proving
List of Theorem Provers and Proof Assistants

Computer Algebra Systems
List of Computer Algebra Systems

Mathematics Document Editing Software
WebLurch, Lurch (Video)

Automated Planning and Scheduling Software
Planning and Scheduling

Planning Domain Document Editing Software
PDDL Studio, myPDDL, Planning.Domains (Editor.Planning.Domains)

Argument Analysis Software
List of Argument Mapping Software, Web-based Collaboration Software

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