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Resolutions 2008-03 San Diego Part I: Working Group Operations, Communication, and Charter

By fantasai April 4, 2008 (Permalink)
Categories: general resolutions

Note: The current CSSWG charter expires at the end of June. The new one must be written and submitted to W3C for approval by the end of April.

Note: Daniel Glazman and Peter Linss are co-chairing the CSSWG starting with this face-to-face meeting. Bert Bos remains as the CSS Working Group’s W3C Staff Contact.

Working Group Communications

Module Prioritization

Candidate Recommendation


Web Conferences

CSSWG Website Update

Jason Cranford Teague is working on a redesign of the CSS homepage. He presented a work-in-progress at the F2F.

Resolved: Jason will run a contest for a new CSS logo. Jason’s “no missing squares” CSS logo will be used until a new one is chosen.

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[Photo: group photo of the CSS working group in San Francisco] Contact: Bert Bos
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