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This is a page from the Cascading Style Sheets Working Group Blog. Some other places to find information are the “current work” page, the www-style mailing list, the Future of CSS syndicator, and the issue list on Github.

Do you want to know how the CSS WG works? Fantasai has written about:csswg, An Inside View of the CSS Working Group at W3C.

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By fantasai April 2, 2008 (Permalink)
Categories: general

Trackback spam just jumped to one message every 3 minutes, and there’s no mass-delete interface on this thing, so I’m turning off trackbacks for now. (We’ve only gotten 3 non-spam trackbacks in the past 9 months anyway.) Please post links to any on-topic articles on the Soapbox instead.

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[Photo: group photo of the CSS working group in Lyon, France] Contact: Bert Bos
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