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Resolutions 2008-03 San Diego Part II: Test Suites and Pending Publications

By fantasai April 4, 2008 (Permalink)
Categories: resolutions

Test Suites

Mobile Profile

Media Queries

CSS3 Color

No resolutions were recorded. 🙁 See minutes for discussion; we went through dbaron’s issues list. Assuming dbaron kept track of the discussion, any WG resolutions should appear in the issues list.

This spec should be ready for Last Call soon.

CSS Namespaces

The chairs chose for political reasons not to make any resolutions. The CSSWG hopes to, with the XHTML2WG’s approval, morph the XHTML2WG’s request for removing default namespaces into a request for clarification/guidance on the use of default namespaces in conjunction with Selectors and resolve the issue by adding an XHTML2WG-approved note to CSS Namespaces.

CSS Namespaces issues

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