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Backlog: New Drafts

By fantasai August 29, 2007 (Permalink)
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The following drafts were recently published and announced, but not announced here, so I’m announcing them now and hoping our editors will announce their own drafts in the future.

CSS3 Basic Box Model
This module describes the box layout of CSS documents in visual media, i.e. the foundation of the CSS visual formatting model. It should be equivalent to chapters 8, 9, 10, and appendix E in CSS2, minus positioning and generalized to describe vertical layout as well. It also includes some new features: overflow-x, overflow-y, marquee, and rotation.
CSS3 Advanced Layout Module
This module defines a template-based layout model that allows visual ordering independent of document order, positioning and alignment of user interface widgets, and page and window grids.
Media Queries
This module allows more precise media queries. Rather than just ‘screen’ vs. ‘print’ vs. ‘handheld’, you can also query based on device’s height, width, aspect ratio, resolution, and color depth, among other things.

You can find a list of all our other CSS drafts on the current work page.

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